XD 9mm vs. XDm 9mm

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by SmokyMtnHiker, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. SmokyMtnHiker

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    Okay I've looked back for a few pages and I cant seem to find this question being asked. If it has sorry for repeating it :rolleyes:

    I've been flip-flopping back and forth between the XD 9 and the XDm 9. Not to mention the flip-flopping on the Service or the Sub-compact size. But we'll start with the XD vs XDm.

    From the research I'm been doing on the two models I cant really justify the large difference in price I've been seeing. So, I was hoping for some help and maybe start a friendly debate between the XD & XDm ;)

    My POU for the 9mm is simply target practice; non-competition, and home defense. I live in Illinois so as of right now we can not CC, but I'm holding out hope that they will lift the band :D

    What would be the main difference between the XD and XDm? I know I can just look at their website however, the information given, to me, is written for ones that are in the know about features where as I am not.

  2. fins59

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    I had the same debate over XD/XDm .45 a few months ago. Listened to all the input. But I just couldn't justify the extra $$$. The only thing that might woulda sold me is if i I had really big ( or small ) hands is the adjustable backstrap.

  3. utf59

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    For me, the selling points were the adjustable backstrap, higher capacity (for both carry and home defense) and, most of all, the trigger. If you're a really good shot, the match grade barrel is also a plus.

    I had fired XDs before, but I preferred the Glock triggers (personal preference for crisp, but gritty, over smooth, but mushy). Then I tried an XDM, and for me, it was the best of both.

    But if you're not looking for, or impressed by, any of those things, get the regular XD. It's reliable. It's easy to operate and maintain. It's more accurate than most shooters. And there is a good variety of after-market parts for it (sights, etc.) to tweak it to suit you even better.
  4. Overkill0084

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    XD- older design. Solid, reliable, looks a bit dated compared with all the cool new designs. I have an XD40 SC, I'm happy with it. For home defense use, I'd get one of the larger frame models.
    XDm- New & improved. Better trigger, match barrel, replaceable backstraps, & better looking. As in all things, this raised the price quite a bit.
    FWIW, either will work well. The refinements on the XDm will probably make it a more enjoyable range gun over the long haul.
    While not as big as Glock's, there is decent aftermarket part/upgrade availability.
  5. XxChino13xX

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    I have both of them in .40cal, and you can't got go wrong with either of them. I got the XD first and then got the XDM a couple years later. Love em both, reliable and nice to shoot.