XD 9mm Tactical 5" need info

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by IXLR8, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. IXLR8

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Springfield XD 9mm Tactical 5" pistol?

    I am looking for a new range gun, and it looks like pretty good deal. As a bonus they throw in a couple of extra magazines if you buy before the end of the year. My first runner up is Sig P226-X5 Tactical in 9mm.

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    Expire 12/31/2010

    What is the difference between an XD and an XDm? Is there a 5" XDm?

    Any comparisons or comments would be helpful!
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  2. Jpyle

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    I have the XD .40 S&W Tactical. I like the fit of the gun in my hands and the way it shoots. I believe the 9mm is pretty much the same size. XDs generally have a good reputation for reliability, accuracy and quality.

    The major differences between the XD and XDm are as follows:

    XD holds 16+1 versus XDm at 19+1
    XDm has a match barrel and an improved (shorter reset) trigger
    XDm has backstrap inserts to adjust grip
    XDm does not require a dry fire trigger pull to release slide for field stripping
    XDm has different grip checkering (stippling) and different slide cuts.

    Not sure about barrel lengths but I seem to recall the XDm being 4.5"

    To be honest nothing there has much appeal to me to warrant the additional cost but YMMV.

  3. Mr. Bluesky

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    The XDm's are pretty similar to the XD's. They hold a few more rounds in the mag and have non-captive recoil springs, though the latter is also true of the 5" XD. They have match-grade barrels, but for most people, the limiting factor on accuracy is going to be between the trigger and the floor, and this will be mostly irrelevant. The XD comes in 3", 4", and 5" sizes, while the XDm comes in 3.8" and 4.5".

    My brother owns a 4.5" XDm in 9mm, and it's a pretty sweet shooter. The trigger does leave a little bit to be desired, but that's going to be true of any polymer pistol you buy.

    Something else you might consider is the S&W M&P9. I got mine, the Pro Series model (link), at the same time he got his XDm, for only about $50 more (Cabela's was having a sale). The trigger and sights on the Pro Series are much better than those on the XDm, in my opinion, but I can't speak to the normal M&P's.
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  4. NGIB

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    My son has a XD Tactical in .40 and it's a good shooter - as I'm sure the 9mm would be. I had an XDm for a short time and really didn't see much advantage over the regular XD. I've gotten out of plastic guns myself and my highest capacity gun is a Sig P226 with 18 round Mec-Gar flush fit mags...
  5. sinzitu

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    I've used one regularly in IDPA for 2 years. Very reliable, zero issues.

    If ergonomically it works for you then go for it.
  6. EdwardH

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    XD 9mm Tactical 5''

    My Springfield XD 9mm 5" Tactical was my first Springfield. I purchased it immediately after firing a friend's XD .40, 4.5. It was love at first fire and I've since added an XDm .40, 3.8, an XD .40 Sub-Compact and 2 EMP's, a 9mm and a .40. Initially, my Tactical fired a little high and to the left. I had the sights adjusted and it's been perfect since. I also added night sights to it a few months after the adjustment and it remained true and accurate after the new sights. Needless to say, I love Springfield's. I'm not a young pup any longer and I've noticed that both my .40 Sub-Compact and my .40 3.8 begin to hurt my knuckles after a few magazines and I just can't fire them as long as I can my 9mm. I bought an FNH Five-SeveN a couple months back and the recoil is so light in this firearm, I've mounted an Insight Technology M6X laser/light combo on it and it's now my main home security gun, backed up by the Springfield Tactical. I use the Sub-Compact .40 as my car gun, alternating it with one of my EMP's from time to time. I also have an FNP 9mm, which I mainly use as a practice gun because it's recoil is very light and I can shoot for hours with it just as I can with my Five-SeveN. I bought an FNX .40 Cal on Black Friday and I'm taking it to the range tomorrow to see how it's recoil is. If it's as light as I expect, I will probably trade in both my Sub-Compact and my 3.8 for the 9mm version of each. If the FNX works for me, then I'll be saving my pennies for the FNP Tactical 45.

    Whatever else I might add to my collection, I'll never give up my Springfield's.
    I've read that a lot of Police Departments are beginning to use them, either as the issue gun or as one on the carry list. That speaks volumes to me, but what speaks even louder is my hands on experience. I think you'll be very satisfied if you go with the 5" Tactical, it's really a great pistol in my humble opinion.
  7. crazycharlie2

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    I have an XD Tactical in .45 and couldn't be more pleased.