xd 9 vs g17

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  1. getem2011

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    PLease compare and contrast. Your opinions are all welcome. I'm in favor of the xd. Also any thoughts on p226 and p229 are appreciated.
  2. g17frantz

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    Xds reliability +1 Grip safety +1. Function +1 Accuracy +1
    Looks -2
    Glocks reliability +2 "safe action pistol" +1 function +1
    Accuracy +1 Looks -2
    The fact that it's a glock +5
    Mwahahahaha. I'm a tad bit biased...can you tell? All kidding aside...glock has been around a lot longer and has a long proven history of reliability and performance. Springfield makes a mighty fine pistol as well and has been proven to be a reliable and perform equally as well. I'm a glock fan true and true, its easier to field strip and I know without a shadow of a doubt, when I pull the trigger it's going BOOM. You kinda opened up a mini Pandora's box on this one btw, you're going to get a lot of votes either way...best advice is to pick both of them up and see how each feels in your hands and decide for yourself. They're both very good guns and should give you plenty of enjoyment for years to come. all in all, either would be a good choice. One last thing... G L O C K
    G L O C K. G L O C K. G L O C K
    :p Happy hunting

  3. canebrake

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    Sounds like you made the correct decision to me! ;)
  4. mjkeat

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    M&P9L or 5" Pro Series

    Edit: I've owned Glocks and M&Ps and have a friend w/ an XD. Glock is nice, the XD felt weird, but the M&P feels perfect. I would like to get ahold of a Glock w/ a LWD frame.
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  5. JonM

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    this thread should prolly be in the semi-auto handgun section.

    my opinion:

    i keep hearing about glock reliability. i go to ranges around the area and the peeps having trouble are ones with glocks... hmm.

    xd/xdm is way ahead of glock on safety. the grip safety pretty much ensures you gotta have a shooting grip on the gun for it to go off. they got a term called glock leg for peeps shooting themselves with the safe action glocks.

    the xdm has a better grip angle making it a naturally pointing gun. glocks have a funky angle forcing the user to break the wrist low to get the gun on target.

    i put glock in the same class with hi points. clunky tend to shoot when needed but not terribly ergonomic. glocks have very small difficult to use controls and triggers that feel like your dragging your finger through a bowl of mush.

    sigs are good guns but my complaint with sig is the very long double action trigger. the newer sigs dont seem to be the same quality as the older sigs from a decade ago. the feel i get from sig is they are headed downhill. if i was going to get a sig i would prolly seek out an older used one in good condition.

    i think your first impressions are go go xdm. xdm have changeable backstraps and hold more ammo over their xd versions. until november you get 3 free mags and a mag holder. gives you 5 mags instead of two. the xdm comes with a very very nice hardcase, holster, mag holder and 2 mags +3 mail in free mags.
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  6. Toll13

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    Aren't Glocks dishwasher safe. That should get a +1 :eek:

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  7. Overkill0084

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    I prefer the feel of the XD/XDm over the Glock. After playing with the S&W M&P the other day, I think it feels better than both of them. I might have to rent one and see if it shoots as good as it feels. FWIW I own an XD.
    Either of the SIGs you listed are great. If your shopping those, do yourself a favor and check the CZ line. You may be pleasantly surprised. I was close to buying a P226 and ended up buying a CZ75BD. When I shoot it, I don't feel like I cheaped out, they are that good. The CZ75 series and it's variants are a lot of gun for the money.
  8. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    And don't forget Ruger and FNH's contributions to this same general pistol family. I personally have an SR9 and love it but the fact is now-a-days most polymer framed pistols from reputable companies have roughly equal quality. I love my buddy's Glock 23, my best man's XD45, my SR9, AND a number of others... My SR9 has nearly 3000 rounds through it of every cheap crap ammo I could find and has not missed a single beat. Not a single jam, stove pipe, or faiure to fire. Pull the trigger and BAM... So take that for what it is worth but get out and handle as many as you can... Every gun has it's own "personality" in the shooters hand and you have to select a firearm that feels like it belongs in your hands...
  9. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj0Kal84UNE]Springfield XDM: Review and Update by Nutnfancy - YouTube[/ame]
  10. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    I'm a Glock guy through and through. I just spent a week out on the range and put more than 2500 rounds through my G17...Only malfunctions were intentionally induced for the sake of clearing drills. Ran a bore snake through it once and put a drop of oil on the rails...If you're having problems with a Glock it's because you're doing something wrong. All that being said...Get the gun that you feel best with.
  11. getem2011

    getem2011 New Member

    Thanks everyone, i have decided to go with the xdm 9. It feels better than any gun I have ever held.
  12. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Just one dude's opinion, but...

    Sig P226/229 > Springfield XD/XDm > Glock

    But I'd also have no problem buying a Glock if they felt right in my hands. And a lot of competent shooters will tell you they feel great.
  13. USMC_Richey

    USMC_Richey New Member

    I'd say go with the xdm. Personally I don't like either gun because I'm not a polymer guy, but I'd go with the xd if I had to pick one.
  14. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 Active Member

    XD... i love mine feel great not once have i had any problems with various ammo brands. 1400 plus rounds fired and running great. havent had alot of exprience with glock. but what need do i have. my xd rocks
  15. Thebiker

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    The best choice for you is the one that feels right and that you shoot well.
    That's how I feel about Sig. CCW is P226 usually, occasionally (hot weather) P239 because it is flatter under a light shirt.

    Be happy with your new XD.