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XD 45 and Reloads

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Anybody got any experience shooting LSWCs out of the XD45. Am considering buying one, but I shoot moly coated lead 200 grain SWCs and would like to know if they are gonna work before I buy the gun. They work fine in my 1911, but the XD seems to have a narrower feed ramp.

I have an XD9 and XD40 and have no trouble with my reloads in those,,,but those reloads aren't SWCs.
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It's been my experience that XD's don't like SWC ammo.
Not that some won't shoot it, but many of them don't feed it well.

It'll feed anything else.
I shoot a .45 in IDPA, so I don't need to worry about the size of hole I'm making. I shoot 200 grain rainier plated bullets in comp and practice.
I'm reloading for mine and I haven't had any problems, not a single misfeed after at least 500 rds. I use a 200gr, jacketed SWC and keep my OAL around 1.25.
In my experience, a gun that will shoot Ranier plated SWC's will shoot anything. I'll admit my experience is limited to 1911 45's, though -- Colt, Kimber and Wilson Combat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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