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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by npg, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. npg

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    im thinking about buying an xd 40 subcompact for a conceal carry. but unsure how good of a gun it would be. does any one have one and can share with me what you like about it? also does the 3 inch barrel have a big defect on accuracy compared to the 4 or 5 inch ones? doesnt seem like it could be to accurate. since its for a conceal carry i was wondering if it has a slide lock on it to. i have a kimber .45 and it has a slide lock so if its loaded and you pull the trigger the hammer wont drop and the slide wont come back.

    ive researched these things like crazy and havent heard of them having a slide lock. im going to a gun show this week if they have one im going to buy one, there not to bad in price.

    any info here will help me
  2. NGIB

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    The XD SC is a fine little gun. I've owned them in both 9mm & .40 and they are very accurate and reliable for their size. At closer ranges, you won't see that much difference in accuracy - remember these are defensive guns not long range target pistols.

    As far as safeties go, they have a grip safety and a trigger safety like a Glock - no manual safety (what you called "slide lock") like a 1911. I highly suggest you shoot one before investing in one. The .40 version is very "snappy" recoil wise and I found the 9mm version much easier to shoot quickly and accurately... YMMV

  3. spittinfire

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    The XD is the best polymer gun on the market, IMO. I have an XD45 and has a XDSC9 that I got rid of to pick up my Kimber. They are great weapons. Reliable as a rock and will eat whatever I feed them. NGIB covered it well and I agree with him, you need to shoot one before you make your purchase. It's the only way to make sure the pistol is right for you.
  4. singleshot

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    I have the XD sub compact 9mm. I like the 9mm over the 40 cal. My SC shoots really well and is a great gun for CC.
  5. JMB1

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    I have the 4 inch service model so i can't attest to the accuracy of the shorter barrel. But like the others said they are very reliable and comfortable to shoot..
  6. utf59

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    A friend of mine has the XD40 SC, and I've shot it a number of times. I've only shot it at steel plates (8" or 9" diameter) so I can't tell you what kind of groups I got. I had no trouble hitting them at 10 yards, and I hit most of them at 25 yards, though I had to concentrate a little more than with a longer-barreled gun. But at self-defense distance, it was more than accurate enough.

    Personally, I only like shooting it with the extended magazine — I like to have someplace to put my pinky.