X-Mark / ROG Tactical - Excellent Customer Service!

Discussion in 'Company Review Forum' started by Dillinger, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Dillinger

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    Wanted to post a quick note to say that X-Mark posted a new thread today with a $25 off coupon that I decided to take advantage and ordered up a couple of items.

    Within 10 minutes I had a receipt of my purchase, with $25 savings thank you very much, and a notice my gear was being shipped with a tracking number - on a Sunday in the middle of a 3 day weekend!

    You guys and gals need to take advantage of this coupon if you need a little something for the safe and X-Mark from ROG Tactical supports us here and is giving us some great service!

    Many Thanks X-Mark!! *utmost respect*

  2. JonM

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    ive used rogtac and upammo with excellent results.