Wyoming Antelope Hunt

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by locnload, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Any Wyoming residents out there who can tell me about a good bit of public land for an antelope hunt this fall? I live in Northern Colorado and have applied for a pronghorn tag for 8 years and not drawn one. The Wyoming Fish and Game web site shows a non-res antelope doe tag can be had over the counter for $34, well worth the short trip up I-25 across the border. I was looking at Thunder Basin National Grassland, about a half million acres of what looks like prime habitat, but I could sure use some input from someone in the know. Any ideas? :confused:
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    I'm not a Wyo. resident nor have hunted there.
    However I make the drive to Colo. from Utah quite often (I was born in Loveland), and I see antelope quite often from I-80 from Evanston all the way to Laramie. I know that there is alot of BLM land in that area , and would think one could do well just about anywhere in that area.
    Good hunting if you get your tag. :)

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    Did you know the prong horn antelope like in Wyoming is the 2nd fastest land animal on earth, It can reach speeds of 55 to 60 mph, 2nd only to the cheetah