Wyoming Antelope Ammo

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    Going antelope and mule deer hunting this fall.

    I have a question about ammo. Here's the scenario:

    I have a winchester .270. Just put on a new Leupold 4-12x40 scope. I'm shooting 3 - 4 inch groups at 100 yards with sand bags. I need to site the scope in a little more, as well as my use my bipod at the range.

    I have accumulated quite a bit of ammo, pretty much just 2 types - Winchester SP 130 gr. and Federal Power Shock 130 gr.

    The gun is quality, maybe not a weatherby, but quality.
    The scope is second to none.
    The operator, if my best isn't good enough...

    I see so much high class, $2.50/$3.00 per round ammo out there. After looking at the trajectory charts on various websites, the difference in drop between a winchester ballistic tipped 130 gr in .270 is about 1-2 inches from the winchester SP 130 gr.

    so... DO I HAVE THE RIGHT AMMO? :confused:

    Thanks a lot,

  2. seedy

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    I have been whipping up some 130 gr BT Sierra game kings over 58grs of 4831 These shoot great in my Savage 110E. Takes around 30min to make up 20rnds and the cost is a lot cheaper since I 've haven't been able to factory ammo at a decent price for quite a while now.

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    Wyoming ammo

    Shot just about everything in Wyoming(Moose w/300 mag.; have no desire to shoot a bear) with a .270 and 130 gr bullets; just bought another .270; mainly because I have a ton of ammo for it, mostly 130 with some 150gr. Have two other .270 which have served me well and I have lived/hunted Wyoming my entire life.
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    I have lived in Nebr, Wyo, and N Dakota and shot pronghorn in each state. I shot most of the Pronghorn with a pre 64 Winchester Mdl 70 270 with 130 Gr Hornady bullet reloads. Your rifle need a tune up , you should be getting at least 1 & 1/2 inch 100 Yd groups with a 270 rifle. You may need to glass bed the action, free float the barrel, adjust the trigger pull down to about three pounds. The barrel may need to be cleaned. Check all the screws on the rifle and scope mounts. What brand and model is your rifle and scope ? The old 270 is a fine pronghorn,and mule deer rifle, I have even shot a few elk with it.