Missouri WTT Savage 24V Series D 357mag/20ga

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    OK after thinking it over I've decided that my new 24v series D is just too nice to bubba up to suit my desires. Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep it AND get another for my purposes soooo, what I would like to do is offer a trade. I figure some of you collectors here probably have duplicates of some of your 24's and perhaps you would consider trading up. I will consider any offer but I'd really like to have a 357 max it doesn't however have to be originally a max it can be a mag rechamber provided it was done with a rifle reamer and still shoots good with 38's and 357 mag and of course the max's as well. It doesn't have LOOK good or be all original it just has to shoot good and lock up tight. I would give serious consideration to a 30-30 or 30-30AI as well. I"m trading a very nice gun for a "beater" so I will expect some "boot" perhaps some max brass or cash. Make an offer we can work it out most likely. Not trying to beat anyone out of anything I just don't want to get beat out either. All transactions will have to go through FFL's I'll pay my FFL and shipping from my end you do the same.

    Pictures of my gun are still here www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=466136032 at the completed auction listing. If you need any specific detail shots let me know and I"ll get my wife to get out the fancy camera and try to get what you need up.

    OH I do strongly prefer 20 gauge bottom barrel unless you have some odball over 12 gauge on the lighter pre F reciever. I"m too old to tote that extra pound of gun around.

    I could also just consider trading for a less pristine barrel set that would work on my reciever. And then I could have my cake and eat it too. I have a Argentine 1891 mauser, and ishapore 308 enfield, and a remington Genesis I"m going to sell on gunbroker if you were intrested in trading a barrel set for one of those we could sure work a deal that way as well. A c&r instead of ffl will work for the cartridge guns and a Drivers license assuring me you are 21 or older will suffice for the BP gun you can mark out your SSN or DL number for your security I just need name and dob on an official license. I will if you request it also send a DL copy so you can see I"m WEEELLLL over 21 :D
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