Oklahoma WTT Delta Elete for a Dan Wesson

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    WTT Delta Elete for a Dan Wesson or Kimber(TRADED THANKS)

    have a nice stainless Colt Delta Elite in 10 MM that I would like to trade for a Dan Wesson or Kimber in 10 MM. The DE has a 3 slot comp on the barrel.Comp is attached to barrel not a bushing comp. The 10 MM has enough pressure that the comp actually works. Recoils about like a 45.
    My pictures are too big to upload to site can send more of them to you.
    Hogslayer joemerrill@hotmail.com
    http://s538.photobucket.com/user/hogslayer2/media/resized 10MM/100_2213.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
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