WTS: UTG multi-functional pistol flashlight package LT-TLP08

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    UTG Multi-functional Pistol [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Flashlight[/COLOR][/COLOR] Package LT-TLP08
    •Robust and light weight aircraft grade aluminum throughout •One piece precision machined for maximum strength •Hard anodized finish for wear resistance •Compact and light weight •Front cap permanent twist-on •Tail cap ambidextrous rotary on/off switch •Universal clamp-on mounting [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]deck[/COLOR][/COLOR] to fit most tactical pistols with or without rail slots •Aim and brightly illuminate simultaneously for clear object identification •Fully adjustable for flood-to-spot focus •Two 3-volt lithium batteries included •Can be used on any rifle or pistol with a picitanny rail mount



    Call us at 1-866-775-9466 or 1-866-523-2673 ask for Carmen Misty or geri