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    Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN Riflescope
    Designed to the exact specifications of the US Special Operations Command for use by elite US forces, the Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN is Trijicon’s most popular ACOG. The ranging reticle allows for bullet drop compensation out to 600 meters without any manual adjustments. The reticle will appear black during the daytime and will glow amber in the dark, thanks to Trijicon’s patented tritum illumination. Includes backup Iron Sights. No batteries needed! Comes With Hard Case And Rubber Lens Covers



    Trijicon RX30 w/ARMS#15 Throw Flattop/Weaver
    Trijicon RX30 w/ARMS#15 Throw Flattop/Weaver RX30-23: Trijicon Reflex RX30-23 — 6.5 MOA Amber Dot and 42mm Objective Trijicon’s technologically advanced Reflex sights offer shooters the perfect combination of speed and precision under virtually any lighting conditions. The Trijicon advantage includes- - A bright aiming point in low light, no or bright light - Quick target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy - Big sight picture and realistic color - Built to be tough - Designed for both-eyes-open shooting - 1 A.R.M.S. #15 Throw Lever Mount (RX23) - 1 Lenspen (LENSPEN) - 1 Reflex Manual



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