WTS: Ruger 10-22 Titanium Sharp Claw Extractor $8.49

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    10-22/MK-II Titanium Extractor or A-2 Tool Steel
    $10.99 Sale Price $8.49
    Save: 23% off
    Advanced extractor redesigned to be hard, sharp, & strong where it needs to be which allows for more positive extraction.
    Now Available in A-2 Tool Steel or Titanium.

    Includes Extra Power Extractor Spring for the 10-22 only.


    10-22/MK-II Titanium Extractor or A-2 Tool Steel [PC-1022-018] - $8.49 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.

    Ruger 10-22 Buffer
    $9.99 Save Price $7.99
    Save: 20% off
    Ruger 10-22 Shock Stop Bolt BUFFER. - Replaces factory steel bolt stop pin - Less felt recoil, quieter action - Reduces wear and stress on receiver.

    Ruger 10-22 Buffer [BJB 10-22] - $7.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.


    Windage Sight tool
    $14.99 Sale Price $6.99
    Save: 53% off
    Is accuracy important to you?

    Climate conditions and different types of ammo can affect the accuracy of your rifle.

    Now you can make the necessary adjustments to your front sight with this solid steel, easy to use, compact tool.

    C-clamp style Made in the U.S.A.

    Windage Sight tool [AK Windage T] - $6.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.


    We have all of these in stock and ready to ship.

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