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Anchor Armament LLC

Lancer L5 Competition 48 Round Translucent AR15 Magazine

The L5C was developed for 3 Gun and tactical rifle competitors. With a maximum capacity of 48 rounds the L5C can reduce magazine changes during long stages, resulting in quicker times.

Utilizing a precision machined coupler we’ve combined a standard L5 30 round magazine body with a modified L5 body. The coupler ensures the bodies are accurately aligned, maintaining the internal constant curve geometry, ensuring reliable feeding.

The L5C will be sold as an assembled unit, ready for action.

Features: • Made in the USA • Maximum capacity of 48 rounds, download required for reloading with a closed bolt. • Translucent polymer body that is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures. • The L5 body design incorporates a constant radius geometry that facilitates follower/spring travel. • Precision machined aluminum coupler developed and supplied by Nordic Components that accurately aligns the magazine bodies, ensuring the internal constant curve geometry is maintained. • Chrome Silicon Spring • Hardened steel feed lips are permanently molded into the body; feed lips are PTFE coated for corrosion resistance. • Rubber coated bottom. • Easy to disassemble and maintain.
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