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Hungarian PKM 100rnd. Can with Belt
Hungarian PKM 100rnd. Can with New Belt/Link, Excellent Condition Can, New Belts.... Limited Qty...

Barnaul 7.62x54R 20rnd. Box
Barnaul 7.62x54R, 20rnd. Box, Bullet Weight 185Gr., Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail, Non-Corrosive, Lacquered Steel Case (((((Barnaul 7.62x54R 500rnd. Case Lot $179.99ea.... Plus Exact Freight, Call to Order 1-866-523-2673)))))) IN STOCK 02/10/09

Yugoslavian 1980's 7.62x54R 182grn FMJ 300rnd. Case
7.62x54r M30(J).,. super accurate 1980's Surplus Yugoslavian 7.62x54R ammunition. Features an annealed brass case, 182grn full copper jacketed lead core bullet, and corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 15rds to a box. 20 Boxes per Case( This ammo falls under our $7.95 Shipping Policy) Limited Qty... In Stock as of 02/10/09

Shipping is $7.95 Flat Rate. For most items (Excludes some ammo!)

Call us at 1-866-523-2673 or 1-866-775-9466 ask for Carmen Misty or Geri.

Or check us out at
We are adding new products Daily!!!
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