Pennsylvania WTS Eotech 512

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  1. Fully functional and well cared for Eotech 512: $200

    Feel free to contact me directly: [email protected]

  2. Sniper03

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    Steve,"For anyone wanting an excellent Optic this is it. And Steve that is a good price.
    One of the fastest target acquisition sights I have ever used.
    You do not even have to have a cheek weld to hit the target. If you can see the Dot on the Target you can hit it. I have several of them on my guns including one of the older 511s on my Mossberg Turkey Shotgun.
    Mossberg 930 Turkey Gun.JPG
    Mossberg 930 Turkey Gun.JPG
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  3. Sniper, thanks for the advertising. Turns out this thing sold about two seconds after your post.
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    Dang, would’ve bought that :(
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    Long shot here but Do you still have the 511?
  6. Nope. It sold back in March. Sorry about that.
  7. bluez

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    I am a big believer in the EOtech 512.

    Its a HWS not just a "red Dot" and as such it has the fastest acquisition.

    Since nearly all of us will not have a fireteam on your side to pick up the slack in a firefight if we are slow we need to do all the "turning and burning" on our own.

    We need to best and fastest posisble sight for that.
    The fact that the battery does not last as long as an AimPoints becomes irrelevant.

    Now they are not as robust as Aimpoints.
    I have used a total of 5 different EOtechs over the past 8 years and 2 of them crapped out on me.

    One after 25,000 rounds of service on the same gun and one that I had bought used as part of a package deal on another AR.

    Never had a big problem with battery life... I do use the very best AAs money can buy though:
    (the ones that say 20 yr shelf life.. there is also a step down Lithium that say 10 yrs shelf life.. but i only use the 20 yr shelf life ones which have better QC)

    The EOTech 512 is (with the Aimpoint PRO) the least expensive sight that is "professional grade".
    Meaning the least expensive sight that actual professional gunfighters such as SWAT Teams and security contractors may use.
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  8. bluez

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    PS: I cant edit my post.. I want to add that recently other sights with simpler tech ( LED like a red dot instead of laser like a HWS) have been able to duplicate the reticle of the EOtech.

    I understand holosun is one of them but there are a couple others..
    So there may now be sights out there that are close to the Eoetch for much less than the typical $440 dollars for a new 512.
    But i have not tested them yet.
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    I feel stupid being this sober and replying to a long dead thread.

    Owning a couple of Holosun 510's....