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Bushmaster Magazine AR-15 223 Remington 30-Round Aluminum Grey T
This top quality magazine features a standard AR follower, tempered steel spring and removable base plate. It's also stamped with the Bushmaster logo. Grey Teflon. Technical Information Notes: Gray follower Anti Tilt Follower No production date stamped on magazine Baseplate is stamped BFI Windham, ME USA and has the Bushmaster logo Legal for use in Service Rifle matches

Romanian RPK 7.62x39 US Made BarrelRomanian RPK, 7.62x39. Fits the Romanian RPK Trunnions. Extractor is cut, Barrel is threaded 14x1 Left Hand Thread. Non Chrome Lined. Made in the USA

PS90 Fake Gemtech SuppressorNew production fake Gemtech PS90 suppressor. This will give weapon the ultimate finished look. Two part bi-lock collar clamps on in seconds without any gunsmithing. Suppressor locks on to to bi-lock. Suppressor may be installed or removed with a quarter turn. Suppressor is purely cosmetic and does not reduce sound nor require any paperwork. This fake suppressor fits over the long factory barrel

Call us at 1-866-523-2673 or 1-866-775-9466 ask for
Carmen Misty or Geri
We are adding new products daily check us out!!
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