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    Aguila .38 Special 158gr 50rd box

    Agulia .38 Special 158gr 50rd box, Non Corosive Primer, Brass Case, Limited Supply.... Hollow Point Ammo... This falls under our $7.95 Shipping.... Get Yours Today!!!!


    FN SS195 5.7x28mm Lead Free HP 27gr 50rd Box
    Conventional Hollow Point Jacket, 27 Grain, Lead Free Metallic Core, 5.7x28mm SS195LF LEAD FREE Is Non Magnetic • Incorporates a totally lead free primer and projectile. Intended for use on indoor ranges or wherever potential lead contamination is a concern, Lead Free Primer, 50rd Box



    Hungarian Mfg. 7.62 x 54R 147 gr. FMJBT 440rnd. Tin Light Ball
    [DSP]Hungarian Mfg. 7.62 x 54R 147 gr. FMJBT Light Ball - 440rnd/Sealed Spam Can 1970's-1980's Mfg. Our $7.95 shipping applies to this ammo.


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