WTS: AK Adj. Trigger Sale $69.99 (expires 10-29)

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    AK-47 Adjustable Military Trigger System
    Starting at: $84.99 Sale Price $69.99. Receive a free AK Retainer plate and $2.50 shipping if you post in the comments section you saw this ad on www.firearmstalk.com. This sale is only good until 10-29-09.

    Randall Power
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    Save: 18% off
    USA Made

    Will fit most milled and stamped 7.62, 5.45, and 5.56 AK variants.

    This trigger group is adjustable for Pretravel, Overtravel, Disconnector Engagement, and Trigger Pull. Depending on your preference and application, it can be adjusted for Single Stage or Two Stage pulls.

    Package includes heat treated and blued hammer, trigger, and disconnector, along with a US made Wolff disconnector spring, a cheater pin which holds the trigger and disconnector together while installing the parts in your rifle, an allen wrench for adjustment, and detailed instructions for installing and adjusting your trigger group.

    All parts are CNC machined from solid steel barstock, and the three piece group will qualify as 3 US parts per US Law.

    AK-47 Adjustable Military Trigger System [RS-AK-002] - $69.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.

    AK Magazine Cover
    $7.99 Sale Price $3.99
    Save: 50% off
    Fits 7.62x39mm. Black rubber cover slips on mag. Keeps ammo dry and dust free. Also protects mag feed lips.
    Package of 4.

    AK Magazine Cover [MAK0762] - $3.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.

    Thanks, Randall Power Welcome to Power Custom Ph# 1-573-372-5684