WTS: AK 9" Pistol Parts Kit $499.95

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    AK 9" Pistol Parts Kit $499.95
    This is a parts kit, not a completely assembled firearm. These pistol kits come with new barrel, gas tube, gas piston, pistol trunnion, recoil buffer, hammer spring, disconnector spring and 1/2-28 RH muzzle attachment. No furniture is included with this kit. The gas piston rivet will need to be installed as well as demilling the trigger guard. This setup will allow the use of a standard lower handguard. Modification to the handguard retainer or handguard will be needed if using a handguard other than an AMD-65. The front sight, gas block and rear sight block are all drilled and pinned to the barrel. The gas port has also been drilled. The barrel pin is pressed most of the way in and will need to be removed anyway to rivet the trunnion into the receiver. The headspacing has also been set before drilling and reaming for the barrel pin. This does not come with a receiver of any kind.

    AK 9 Pistol Parts Kit [AK Pistol Parts Kit] - $499.95 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.


    Shipping will only be $2.50 if you post in the comments section you saw this ad on www.firearmstalk.com.

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