WTS: Adj. AK47 Trigger $69.99 Retainer $3.99

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    AK-47 Adjustable Military Trigger System
    Starting at: $84.99 Sale Price $69.99
    Save: 18% off
    USA Made

    Will fit most milled and stamped 7.62, 5.45, and 5.56 AK variants.

    This trigger group is adjustable for Pretravel, Overtravel, Disconnector Engagement, and Trigger Pull. Depending on your preference and application, it can be adjusted for Single Stage or Two Stage pulls.

    Package includes heat treated and blued hammer, trigger, and disconnector, along with a US made Wolff disconnector spring, a cheater pin which holds the trigger and disconnector together while installing the parts in your rifle, an allen wrench for adjustment, and detailed instructions for installing and adjusting your trigger group.

    All parts are CNC machined from solid steel barstock, and the three piece group will qualify as 3 US parts per US Law.

    AK-47 Adjustable Military Trigger System [RS-AK-002] - $69.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.

    AK-47 Shepard's Crook Replacement [RS-AK-004] - $3.99 : GrandMasters L.L.C., GrandMasters L.L.C.

    AK-47 Shepard's Crook Replacement
    $12.99 Sale Price $3.99
    Save: 69% off

    New product from Red Star Arms replaces the bent wire Shepherd's Crook. This steel plate installs in less than 5 seconds and holds the hammer and trigger pins in your Kalashnikov secure. Forget about fighting with the retaining wire. Not only can you frustrate yourself and scratch your firearm trying to route the retaining wire, but if it is not installed properly your gun will malfunction.

    Similar to retainer plates used in the FAL and in some modern Russian Kalashnikovs, the RSA Hammer/Trigger pin retainer plate will work in nearly all Kalashnikovs. It can replace any style of retaining wire and will make installing, adjusting, tuning, or cleaning your trigger group a much easier job.

    Throw away that bent paperclip and upgrade your firearms today. This part will literally drop in your rifle in seconds.

    Thanks for all the orders everyone... Thanks again, Randall Power Welcome to Power Custom
    Red Star Arms Inc.
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