WTF Texas?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Benning Boy, Sep 12, 2010.

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    That disappoints me coming from anywhere but especially Texas.
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    It says the dealer witnessed the illegal immigrant hand the money to the straw purchaser and then sold him the gun. If he is an FFL dealer thats definitely illegal. I strongly believe the straw purchaser should be punished and deported (because he is illegal)
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    I read somewhere else that he isn't an FFL.

    What bugs me is that one has a valid driver's license, despite being an illegal.

    That ATF was conveniently there.

    Was this a set-up? A jury of his peers let this float?
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    The guy who sold the gun to the illegal is not a licensed gun dealer. The rules of the gunshow stated that all gun sales at the show had to go through a licensed gun dealer. The perp chose to ignore the rules of the gunshow. Everyone who exhibited at that gunshow knew that the BATFE would be there.

    Nearly every gunshow that i go to has several guys with tables who are not licensed gun dealers. i see these same guys show after show. Some of them sell dozens of guns every year. Private collections, my rear. These guys are unlicensed gun dealers.
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    The rules of the gun show make no difference in this case. The law will not arrest you for violating the rule of the show.

    Here is what happened....

    The seller was not an FFL. Wouldn't make any difference anyway. FFL or not the law applies to both, in this case.

    There was a group of people that approached the seller and one of them wanted to purchase the gun. Since he could not produce a valid Texas Driver's License the seller denied the purchase.

    Later, the same group approached the seller and again the same person expressed his desire to purchase the gun but still had not acquired a valid Texas Driver's License since he had last seen the seller (about 10-20 minutes earlier.)

    Later, the same group approached the seller but this time a different person in the group said he would purchase the gun and so provided a valid Texas Driver's License. The gun found it's way to the original person, so...

    The jury convicted the seller for participating in a straw purchase citing that the seller should have had reasonable suspicion that the gun would have been passed to the original person that did not have a valid TDL.

    Of course, this all took place in the state's capital, the most liberal city in Texas.
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    It wouldn't matter, BATF&E is everywhere. From what Eastex_Guns says, perhaps the seller should have known. Every gun show I go to, which is pretty rare these days, I assume BATF&E is there in force, and they are not beneath setting up an illegal sale.
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    It's not just at the gun shows either. BATFE has been known to setup stings in cities that border another state. You list your gun on a local GA forum for example and you'll get a response from a buyer just over the state line in SC. This out of state buyer will try to convince you that there really isn't a need to involve an FFL...
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    Copeland has sold guns at gunshows in TX for years. Copeland often bragged that it was his 2nd Amendment right to sell guns without a license. Copeland told at least one witness that he would shoot it out with BATFE if they tried to arrest him.

    It turns out that Copeland has been convicted of a crime in another state and sentenced to two years probation: It appears that Copeland had no legal right to own a gun much less sell guns.

    i will cry no tears for Copeland.
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    You guys are spot on.....sounds like the guy was stupid enough to fall for this ploy. When selling a gun assume the government is out to get you via hook or crook. Sounds like a slam dunk on the straw purchase charge. Its a shame the BATFE would enlist the help of illegal immigrants to enforce compliance with the gun laws.
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    The seller should have known this was a straw purchase. My ex boyfriend told me about this kind of stuff at the first gun show he took me to. He warned me about how these things go down and what the law is. He and his friends would have discussions about it frequently. I believe It's common knowledge that the Feds are there setting up stings and looking for this at these shows. This guy just wanted to make a sale and thought he'd get away with it.
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    It's hard, based on the article, to determine exactly how much knowledge the dealer had or did not have about the nature of the transaction. Or whether or not it's reasonable to arrest and charge him. That one is up in the air. But it's absolutely outrageous that the both the illegals involved weren't arrested.