WTF!! Dr. office charging me for future visits I am not going to?!!

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    Ok, I am rather pissed off over this and need to vent. this is a bit long winded so i apologize up front...

    Some background:

    Sunday Aug 12th, fell off ladder while working on house - fractured ankle in 2 places. Went to urgent care place couple hours later when they opened. Got temp cast and was told I should see orthopedic dr ASAP.

    Monday Aug 13th - went to Dr. office - only one I could find that would see me that day - thats where it all went downhill... technician took xrays and I was sent in room to wait for dr. nurse came in - real *****y - told me to wait and dr be there soon. Dr came in with nurse - took one look at ankle and said its too swollen and to come back in 2 days for a cast. He didnt really look at ankle close up and examine it, but looked at xrays where break was. only noticed 1 fracture.

    Wed Aug 15th - came back - same attitude - this time nurse walks into room with cast materials and says "red or purple". I jokingly said, do you have any other colors? She nastily replied, "which one is it going to be?" I said "well I guess I will go with red because I am not a fan of Barny." She sets down the red colored cast material and sulks out of the room not saying anything. I am thinking, this woman is a nasty *****! WTF!! Dr and nurse come into room, he is gruff as usual and immediately start to put on the cast. He tells the nurse to push up the bottom of my toes so my foot is more at right angle to leg (when you stand flat footed). As she grabbed my foot I said "oh thats not going to feel good" because my foot was so sore. Her reply was "well I guess you're not going to like me then." The dr didnt say a word. I was taken back by the whole thing! Cast went on without too much trouble and I was sent on my way and told to come back following week and to keep all weight off of foot.

    That nite at approx 10 pm I couldnt take the pain/pressue any longer - foot/toes completely numb - no feeling - foot had tremendous cramp in it and icing was doing nothing - the cast was blocking the ice from cooling and reducing the swelling - called my bro in law who is physical therapist - he said go to emergency room and have it cut off - I opted to do it myself with a dremel since I was by myself with my 8 and 10 yr old boys (wifey was in FL for work when accid happend) and no family around to help and plus with my insurance deductible so high I wouldve been charged for whole thing. Once cast was cut, I was able to ice ankle/foot down tremendously.

    Wed Aug 22 - reluctantly went back to dr - more xrays - they never noticed or mentioned 2nd fracture. - dr was pisssed that I cut off cast and didnt call him - i said it was 10pm at night, swelling was out of control and no one to help me with my kids - he shut up after that - they tried to put new cast back on but I said no, I wanted to use existing cast, which was now a 2 piece cast cause it was fine and i didnt want to pay again. he reluctantly agreed - his D-bag nurse chastised me like i was an 8 year old kid!!

    I made another appmnt, but knew I would be cancelling it before next visit and find new dr - which i did...

    Fast forward to now - found new great dr - he found 2nd facture - been treating me great -

    Now old dr office sends me bill - which was fine - been there for 3 visits - fine - I will pay for 3 visits - but no more! But... what they did was bill me for future visits and didnt tell me!!!! for the next 90 days worth of weekly visits!! they did this on the 2nd visit supposedly - that part of the bill is over $1100!! Screw that! I called and complained and Isaid I would gladly pay for what visits i came for, but not anything else - they said they would get back to me...

    I hate F#@king drs and insurance companies!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Get the office manager on the phone. Let them know politely but firmly you will pay for TWO visits- the 3rd visit was required DUE TO THE PROFESSIONAL NEGILIGENCE of the doc not identifying multple fractures. Payment for services not received? Don't even think about that.

    Don't want to play ball? Ask them to contact THEIR insurance company- the folks that carry their Medical Professional Liability insurance- and have them contact you- the claimant. :p

    As far as grumpy doc and nurse Ratchet (one flew over the cuckoo's nest reference) I don't pay medical folks to be sociable- but I DO pay them to be competent.

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    c3shooter - thanks for the reply - no one knew about the 2nd fracture until I went to the new dr - I have called and spoken to the office mgr of old dr and told them they need to fix this and that I am not paying for future services that have not and will not be provided. I did not mention the additional fracture as I am waiting for the xray proofs from new dr - saving that info in case they dont want to play fair -and thanks for the advice on contacting their medical professional liabilty insurance - I will go that route if I have to
    As for them not being socialable, thats fine...I dont need to be coddled...I'm an adult - but I did let them know the reason I went to another dr was because of a lack of professionalism on their part - and now looks like incompetence too.
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    As a person that has had to deal with a lot of doctors in the past 10 years, one thing I've learned is that it's my body I'm the boss. If the doctor doesn't like it he can take a hike I'll get doctor that is competent and has the time to do his job right. Don't take any crap from a doctor you don't like or trust.
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    It will be better in the next 4 yrs, Bill said so! :D
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    After reading your story, it's all too clear why he was the only Dr. you could see that day. I imagine his appointment book looks pretty empty. It's one thing to be incompedent, but to have a nasty attitude also is too much.
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    thats pretty much the consensus we have come to...hopefully it wont be long before all this is behind me -

    What kills me most at the moment is the boredom... and it's hunting season and there's a million things to do here on the house and I can't work either...frustrating as all hell...:(
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    Absolutly! Never feel intimidated by doctors or any other "professsionals".
    Always remember these simple words of wisdom:

    Somebody graduated at the bottom of their class.

    There may be a diploma on the wall, but if it doesn't say "Summa Cum Laude", you have no idea what you're dealing with.
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    The only hitch I can see is that you removed the cast. They can and will say "He removed the cast and when he did that he injured the ankle again causing the second break".