WTB Lee Classic Loader In 350 Rem Mag

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Artie1957, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Artie1957

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    I have searched high and low for this particular loader and it isn’t made anymore. If you have one or know where I can find it let me know please.
    Also if you know of any off the map places I might look, again please let me know.
    I am willing to buy it or trade for it.
  2. c3shooter

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    Artie, this is NOT the Classic Lee Loader- but it IS the two dies set, universal shell holder, powder dipper. Lee 350 Remington Magnum Pacesetter 2 Die Set - Precision Reloading

    If you don't have a single stage press, you can get one just about anywhere- add a hand priming tool, you are GTG.

    Better yet, got a friend with a press? Buy the die set, go mooch time on his press.
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  3. Artie1957

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    Thanks for that but I have a Hornady lock-n-load and 350 dies plus several other calibers. I found one of these classics at a antique/ curio shop in 30/06. Took it home and reloaded a few bullets and fell in love with the darn thing. I now have them in .308 and 30/30 as well. Looking for a 7mm mag too! So if you don’t mind keep an eye out for me if you will.
    Thank you.
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