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WTS:Gun cleaning $4.99 to $8.99

Bore Cleaning Foam
Non-toxic and odorless, Bore Cleaning Foam chemically removes copper and brass compounds from the barrel in 15 minutes, and leaves a protective film behind to impede the accumulation of residue. Bore Cleaning Foam has a pH value of 12 and can be used between the temperatures of -22? and 122?F. Packaged in an aerosol can, Bore Cleaning Foam is easier to use than other ammonia-based products. In addition, this cleaner also removes normal combustion waste from your gun's barrel, eliminating the need for a second cleaner. Effective but Gentle - uses a chemical reaction to remove copper and brass compounds with no mechanical friction Fast - works in 15 minutes Protective - leaves film that slows down renewed accumulation of similar residues Easy - runs less than other cleaning agents, such as ammonia-based products Efficient - also removes normal combustion waste, no need for a second cleaner Safe - non-toxic, odorless, pH value of 12 Usable in temperatures between -30? and +50? Celsius. Cant Ship USPS or UPS AIR

Bore Paste
FORMULATED FOR THE PEOPLE WHO NEED ACCURACY WITH EVERY SHOT. Break-Free Bore Paste ensures a clean and accurate gun barrel. Bore Paste easily removes the hardened powder residue, copper and moly fouling and buildup that comes with frequent firing. Great for removing moly, copper, and powder residue Easily removed from bore as very fine and mild abrasive paste softens when used Cleans quickly and better than ordinary solvents and cleaners Can restore accuracy 2oz CAN'T SHIP USPS OR UPS AIR

Break Free Carbon Cutter
Break-Free's Carbon Cutter was specially formulated to carbon buildup from your firearm. Although it contains no ammonia and is pH neutral, Carbon Cutter liquefies the carbon from your weapon's barrel. This product is ideal for removing carbon from black powder rifles. Removes Black Powder No Ammonia pH Neutral Originally Formulated for Military and Law Enforcement Personnel Use 4oz. Can't Ship USPS or UPS AIR

Break Free Weapon Wipes
Break-Free Weapon Wipes are soft absorbent non-woven cloth wipes presaturated with Break-Free CLP; a military specification approved cleaning, lubricating and protection oil with corrosion and rust inhibitors. Eliminates the need for messy oils, cleaners, and cut cloths. Available in convenient packages of 20: Fast and Effective. Convenient one step lubrication to clean and protect your weapon in the field. For use in all weather conditions. Ideal for small arms rifles, fishing equipment, knives, and outdoor equipment. CAN'T SHIP USPS OR UPS AIR

We have other cleaning kits and cleaning supplies at our website. Check it out keep those guns clean!
Call us at 1-866-775-9466 or 1-866-523-2673 ask for Carmen Misty or Geri

Shipping is $7.95 Flat Rate. On all item Except some Ammo.

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