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    I purchased a Mossberg 100ATR .270 a while back and at the time I thought that all civilian rifles were right handed. A friend recently told me that I could have ordered for a lefty. Since I'm stuck with a right handed rifle I was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions to holding it as a lefty and still be able to reload fast enough for the next shot?:confused:

    Basic Rifle info:
    Mossberg 100ATR .270
    O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. - Firearms, Shotguns, Rifles, Accessories, and Precision Machining

    CenterPoint Adventure Class 4-16x40mm

    Telescopic Bypod (12" extended)
    Forest cammo leather sling

    Ammo type:
    Winchester .270 Super X

    I'm not used to using the scope yet as I was trained to aim through iron sights.
    If you need more info let me know.
    I'm still a noob to civilian weaponry.

    Thanks in advance, J3.
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    My brother shoots left handed with right hand rifles. You just have to work at it and get used to it. I know some guys that get a stock blank and cut it for a right hand action and a lefthanded shooter.

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    Honestly it is better to shoot right handed.

    It's better to get used to it now and train your right hand to shoot. I'm left handed and I shoot right handed.

    Reason being since I'm left handed...my dominant hand makes and excellent balance hand and eventually I should be able to shoot better.