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I was at the range last week and took my 357 sig, so I thought it was. I fired four weak rounds which shot about two feet low and would not eject and had to chamber a round each time.

I finally looked at the side and it was my GLOCK 23! Since then I shot a full 15 rounds of .40 and cleaned it. I inspected the fired 357 casings which looked like 40 casing after being fired, just a bit longer. I inspected the barrel for any cracks, and shot about 150-200 rounds which shot without any problems, cleaned it and inspected the casings which look just like the fired case that comes with the glock.

I have not had any problems since then, I truly believe these guns are not built cheap and use this gun off-duty. Any thoughts on this issue, whats your input on firing the wrong cartridges other than I was stupid for not checking too see if it was the right ammo.
Don't do that again. It's not that it will hurt your pistol, because it normally won't. But what it does do is, call into question your ability to be a safe gun handler.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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