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    Several years ago, I atended an 8 hour seminar on effective lobbying techniques. It was moderated by the Speaker of the House of our state legislature. A master politician, indeed!:p

    He made a few very good points about contacting representatives, fron city council critters, to U. S. Senators

    1. Don't E-mail, or call on the telephone. They get a million of these per day
    2. Write a letter (type, double spaced, don't use cursive)
    3. send U.S. Mail
    4 One page, double spaced.
    5. One topic only. (If you have another topic to discuss, write another letter several days later)
    6 Be polite and courteous, no matter how pissed off you are. Remember, you're trying to persuade him to accept your veiwpoint.

    7 Be formal. Address him as "representative" or "senator," etc. Mr. or Mrs is acceptabe as well, but don't use his first name, or call him names.
    8 Adress the letter to "The Honorable Joe Schmuck" etc

    According to the Speaker, one letter carries the same weight as 50 E-mails.
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    Snail mail is very powerful tool!