Would You Use a .410 For Defense?

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  1. ninjatoth

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    I know,most people say go with something bigger,but all I have right now for usable shotguns is a break action .410,and i'm not asking for myself to use,but my wife.She is a little weary of using a gun,but I want her to have something when i'm not home because she won't take the time to learn my pistol.I have been reading a little about the very few buckshot loads available for a .410,but I am not sure if it is alltogether a bad idea to consider a single shot .410 as a usable weapon.With the right load,it's like 3 .38s going off or something like that,but you only got one shot.My wife brought up a good point that I never thought about too,a point that me as the man of the house don't worry about-she's afraid of shooting me or something,if she sees a man in the middle of the night,she might think it's a bad guy,but really it's me.I don't worry about that because if I saw a man in my house,i'll shoot.I just don't have many ideas for a stubborn wife to defend herself.
  2. skullcrusher

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    Use what you got. Make the best of it. Longest shell the shotty was made for and the heaviest load you can get. Buckshot and slugs. If she is willing to learn about it, have her practice unloading and loading as fast as she can with a couple of spent shells. Gettin the 'pop' to eject the shell and all.

    You know all of that tho. Gettin the ladies involved is easier when they get to shoot something they like and are not overwhelmed. :)

  3. UnderFire

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    1st I agree with skull.
    2nd when I come home in the middle of the night I call (cellphone) the wife and let her know I'm coming into the house. We feel (wife & I) that being woken up by a phone call for safe entry is better than me being surprised by gun fire. My wife doesn't like shotguns she uses .38 spl. revolvers.
  4. Gojubrian

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    Sounds like the problem here is not what weapon you have, but they way of thinking has to be changed.

    Every adult in the home should have a working knowledge of the firearms in the home, all of them.

    Call or text and get a reply before you enter.

    Always know your target.

    Yes, the right load in a .410 can kill a man.
  5. spittinfire

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    Can a 410 be used for self defense? Yes. Is it a good SD round? No. If it is all that you have then it can be used. A 3" buckshot load would hit hard enough inside a house to slow or stop most but a single shot shotgun won't replace your pistol for follow up even if the individual rounds are similar.

    I have to agree with gojubrian. If you have weapons in your house, everyone who can access them needs to know how to use them and for the love of God, keep them out of reach of children.
  6. c3shooter

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    You are SO right.

    They get peanut butter on your guns, and shoot up all your .22 ammo.

    Yeah, I know, but I never let mine have toy guns. Just the real ones.;)
  7. ScottG

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    Not only that, but they have a tendency to blab to all their friends what you have....

    And on topic, I'd think a blast of .410 right up the nasal cavity would make anyone stop.
  8. TheSorb

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    True enough, but what are the chances of a skittish wife making an accurate shot in a life-or-death situation? Slim to none I'd guess, but hey...we are talking about a shotgun blast!;)
  9. ScottG

    ScottG Active Member

    She could always poke it in the perps face and pull the trigger. Hard to miss at that distance....
  10. TheSorb

    TheSorb New Member

    Good one! :p
  11. TxG

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    Obviously, a .410 is not the best choice. OTOH, 4 000 buck pellets at 1200fps (Federal load) is going to leave a very nasty mark at HD ranges. ;)
  12. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    If a .410 is all you have, then use it until you get something better. I'd recommend getting a 20ga pump. You should be able to get a Mossberg pump used for 100-150. All you need then is a shorter barrel OR you could buy a dedicated defense pump with a 18" barrel.
  13. whirley

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    Forget the upper body aim point. A load of pepper shot above the knees and below the belt buckle from a revolver is guaranteed to make the eyes of a home invader seriously water, so a load of .410 number 8 shot in the same place is just as effective. With .410 or .22, the need is to incapacitate immediately by a presumably inexperienced person. So I would go for a double barreled gun. The reason the British preferred double barreled rifles for dangerous game was for that immediately available fast second shot. Lots of old but still good doubles out there. I bought an off brand oldie for $75 in a gun shop, cut it back from 30 to 26 inches for home defense. Big surprise, it's a great grouse gun in heavy cover! It's an open bore, but "Old Deadly" rarely misses up close!
  14. Rossignol

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    I cant believe the youngins would have that kind of access to peanut butter! ;)

    But seriously, there are dedicated .410 HD guns out there. Pick a shotshell, like the federal, and start practicing with it, so she knows how its gonna handle and can get comfortable with it.

    Its still a shotgun! It'll work! :)
  15. JoeParker

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    I agree with stalkingbear. A 20 gauge pump would definitly be more effective that a .410 single.

    And a pump shotgun isn't too complicated of a weapon to use either ;) . So you're wife shouldn't have a rough time learning how to use it.
  16. Jeehs

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    If your wife know's that when you have a Perp. You only shoot when they show signs of hostility or if they have a gun. Taking a Life is the last means of defense.

    I have a very basic knowledge of the power of guns, But I think a .410 would do just fine. If all else fails, Teach your wife to be good at scaring people with it. Becuz late at night, In the dark, If I see a person with a shotgun I doubt my first thought would be, "Oh it's just a .410 It can't do anything." Its gonna be more like "OH S*** SHES GOT A GUN."
  17. Gortok

    Gortok New Member

    Darn right, it'd work...

    Especially, if it's out of a Taurus Judge/Public Defender. I'd still have four more behind it, if needed.
    There's a LOT of choices in ammo for that gun. 45 COLT ain't no wimpy round...
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