Would you Kill over a CheeseBurger ?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BigO01, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. BigO01

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    Yes I know the title sounds pretty stupid but believe it or not in the City of St. Louis they have had their second murder this summer over a cheeseburger .

    This time a women killed her niece firing at the nieces boyfriend all over one stinky fast food Greasy Cheesy .

    The first time it was also over a single extra cheeseburger that the fast food joint reportedly accidentally put in the bag .

    Man life just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper in the city .
  2. bkt

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    Natural selection?

  3. cpttango30

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    I kind of agree with BKT.

    It is amazing what goes on when you have had no morals or values instilled in you from birth. Too many drugs not enough church and family.

    Single mothers, single fathers working 2 jobs becuase that is they only way they can provide the basics for their kids. Maybe some people should think twice or three times before sticking their junk somewhere. Fewer and fewer people have disapline at home more and more allow the TV and the Xbox babysit their kids when a person should be doing it. Oh I don't want some other person raising my kid. That is what I hear well stupid another person is better than a video game.

    I don't know about other people but when I was a kid we stayed outside on all but the hottest days. We would go to the creek and shoot at rocks and dirtclods and stumps you name it we would even rid barns of piegons for free. We woud spend hours walking around digging holes chopping down trees to make forts. We didn't die and now we are not moralless people who don't know anything. People would see us 5 or 6 boys with dogs shotguns and hunting vest on walking down the road towards are dove fields. No one called the cops people thought we were going Dove hunting.
  4. robocop10mm

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    Grown up preschoolers proclaiming "Mine, Mine!". That is the state of this country, everyone out to amass as much stuff as they can. Big screen TV's, cars and poundage. There is no self sacrifice any longer. "I want an Oopa Loompa, NOW DADDY!". No one wants to save for an Oompa Loompa. By the time they have saved enough money to buy one, they will no longer be "cool".

    Its a wonder there are even any 401K's at all any more. Save money? Why? Spend money. Spend more money than you have or ever will have.

    With my wife out of work, we have pared back our spending to the essentials. We are happier now than we have been in years. I spent the holiday weekend mowing the grass, cleaning the gutters, starting the fall garden and casting bullets. She spent 2 days making curtains and cleaning. At the end of the weekend, we were tired and HAPPY. We did not need to spend $500 and sit in traffic and lines at some theme park or packed lake resort to be happy.
  5. ScottG

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    It depends on what the "basics" are. Fancy clothes, expensive shoes, large screen tvs? Not basics. You really don't need two full time incomes to survive. One and a half should be able to pay for the true basics: A place to live, clothing, food and hygiene items. It's when we get beyond these items that we get in trouble. We all do, not just the "poor."

    Multiple children make the job harder, but no one tells people to have children wantonly. Certain classes or groups of people have always behaved without restraint. It is normally those who live on the fringes of society, those who take drugs, those enslaved by alcohol, those without education, without the ability to keep a job. It doesn't matter your color or any other accident of biological diversity.

    Our problem stems from the government trying to solve people's unsolvable problems. Personal failings cannot be fixed by a government handout. It only increases dependence. That's why so many in government love these programs. Dependency = control.

    The people like that have nothing to fight for, so they fight over ephemera. They kill themselves over nothing. It will continue as long as people in government want it to.
  6. Texanbybirth

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    My wife hasn't worked outside the home since our 1st kid was born 15 years ago. I don't have an extensive gun collection, my Jeep is still on a stock suspension, and I still use rabbit ears on my TVs. But I pay my bills, and my 3 boys hold doors for old people and always use "sir" or "maam" when speaking to adults.

    I don't see how somebody could kill another person over a simple cheeseburger.
  7. bkt

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    Outstanding! That's as it should be. If, when the kids are older, the stay-at-home parent wants to head back to work, that's cool, too. But living within one's means is a difficult concept for some people to grasp.

    *shrug* They kill each other over sneakers, drugs and being "dissed", so why not a cheeseburger? Stupidity knows no bounds. And quite frankly, if they can help keep the gene pool clean by offing themselves before procreating, so much the better.
  8. tbill

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    Killing for a Cheeseburger?

    If you want my cheeseburger, just ask. I'll give it to you, but don't try to take it from me or my family by force or the threat of force, that might get you hurt real bad. My parents taught me to share with the less fortunate on a volunteer basis and I'm a big believer in doing so. Stealing is another matter entirely. Those who steal invite their own punishment and have no business crying about getting caught and punished. So, I guess my answer is "I might, it just depends on how you ask."
  9. pioneer461

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    That depends. Are there onions on it? :cool:
  10. RL357Mag

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    In a society that has killed 40 million babies as an acceptable form of "birth control", is "killing for a cheesburger" really that astounding?
  11. Dillinger

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    I have to be honest - I have had very few burgers in my lifetime that would be worth taking another person's life over. I can think of MAYBE one or two...:D

    I haven't tried one from the place listed in the story though, so maybe I am the one missing out. :rolleyes:

  12. Mark F

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    There are times though...

    I tell them NO ONIONS, and NO TOMATO on my cheeseburger, so I get ONIONS & TOMATO!!!! And their motto is, "we make it the way you want it". Yeah, as long as you don't ask for something different.

    I can see where that "could" push someone over the edge if they started out with a really bad day, and then some idiot couldn't even get a cheeseburger right...

    It wasn't the cheeseburger... it was simply the last straw for that person. It ain't right... and certainly un-nessary, but stranger things have happened.
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