Would you hunt with a S&W Model 19?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by spittinfire, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. spittinfire

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    I've got a 6" S&W model 19-4 in near perfect condition. I don't shoot it a lot because it's in good shape and it's one of the sweetest revolvers I've ever shot. Here lately I've been itching to deer hunt with a pistol and since it's the only 6" pistol I own, it's the only one I can use here in NC. I'm currently working on some hunting loads for it. What do you guys think, should I hunt with it? Or should I pick up something else, used GP100 maybe?

    Here's the p0rn.....

  2. jwhirl413

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    I dunno anything about hunting with a pistol, but you could definitely lose that baby in my bookbag...:D

  3. masterPsmith

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    By all means use it. It would make a great woods gun. Keep your loads reasonable and you will be fine. If you are going to work with loads on the top end of the scale on a continuous basis, I would go with the N frame or the Ruger. Would not want to damage that nice pinned and recessed mod-19, although they will take a beating, I would not want to do it as a steady diet.

  4. spittinfire

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    My thoughts exactly! I enjoy the gun but my understanding is that they don't like a steady diet of magnums. Usually when I get it out I feed it 38s and then finish the day with a cylinder or 2 of 158gr mags just for fun. I guess I can apply the same thing to my practice for hunting. Finish with a cylinder or 2 of my hunting load just to make sure I'm on track. My bullet search continues....
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    I'd certainly hunt with it for shots out to 50 yards. The main reason they don't like a steady diet of full house loads is they'll go out of time. It does take longer (more rounds) than you would think to stress them so much it goes out of time though. In bullet selection I'd think about Gold Dot or the Winchester bonded core on deer.
  6. 30-30remchester

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    I hunt with a similar model 19. However after years of hunting it isnt new looking anymore, however it is far more handsome than yours. Mine has many scars and bumps, everyone can tell a interesting story. Just last week it ended up in a ditch during a mishap in elk camp. While I like near new older firearms I much prefer experenced guns. Just my 2 cents.
  7. OC357

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    That is a really nice M19.

    I had one I used to take hunting a lot but mostly it stayed holstered as my 30-30 was all that was needed. Only one time did I finish off a downed deer with it. I had it for a few years but sold it to buy a python. It was a nice revolver and still in very good condition when I sold it. Mostly, it was holstered and under my jacket. It did have a little holster wear on the barrel and cylinder from being holstered a lot as I did use it. But it was not beat up.

    I don't think you should hesitate to carry it hunting if you want to.

    Just my opinion.

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    A nice pistol, the only pistol I've hunted with was a TC. I expect it depends much on the range/distance, your skill with the pistol and the size of ther deer in your area. I have a S&W 586 never thought about hunting with it in the PNW.
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