Would you guys say that a Rock Island Armory GI Basic 1911 comes with

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    a Short,Medium or Long pull trigger?????????? I have a Rock Island Armory M1911-A1FS GI .45ACP Pistol The Trigger to me feels like a Short Trigger pull to me anyway. Does anybody know if the the Factory Trigger is a Short,Medium or Long??????????

    See i am in the process of Customizing the gun to my likes that is why i bought it after all. I am looking to replace the factory trigger with a Solid match stainless trigger and a Stainless Solid Hammer i believe that a long pull trigger is the safest right????? or does it really matter a short,medium or long pull trigger or no one is just as safe as the other????? Logic tells you that a short trigger pull is the most accurate but the most dangerous.

    Great gun by the way i would recommend mend them suprisingly accurate and Very Well Made Believe it or not For The Price. I am happy with my mine
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    It is how you manipulate the trigger that affects accuracy, not the length.

    Length is a personal choice. Some like the long, some like short.

    It depends on where what part of the finger gets placed on the trigger and how you use it.

  3. Triggers and trigger pull

    If you are talking about the length of the physical trigger in the trigger guard, it's a matter of how long is one's trigger finger.

    The trigger finger should rest on the center of the trigger face about in the center of the 'pad' part of the last joint of the finger (between the last joint and the tip of the finger.) If one has long fingers, the longer trigger will assist in that. Shorter fingers - like mine - require a shorter trigger to 'fit' correctly.

    In reality, one can adapt to any of the various trigger lengths, but if one is customizing the pistol for one's own use, make it fit.

    Does that speak to the question?

    You also mentioned 'trigger pull length'. A 1911 design pistol is designed with only about .030' sear engagement. (A good mechanic probably has more exact specs, but this is pretty close.) Therefore, once one takes up all the slack between the trigger yoke, disconnector and return springs, only a short distance is needed to release the sear and drop the hammer. Considering that one-sixteenth (1/16) of an inch is .0625", the actual movement isn't much.

    Yes, more engagement of the sear is probably safer, but also detracts from accuracy. What is more important is the pressure needed to move the sear and release the hammer. Again, the heavier the trigger pull, the less likely one is to set it off prematurely. On the other hand, a shootist should work to control one's finger, and not rely on the mechanism to make up for deficiencies in ability or self control.

    For a combat trigger on a 1911 design pistol, the range is a minimum of 4.5 pounds and a maximum of 6 pounds. At least in my not so humble opinion. There are further refinements, but until you shoot for awhile, they are pointless upon which to dwell.
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    Compared to any other semi-auto, a 1911's trigger pull will seem "short".
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    oldmanmontgomery has given some very useful information regarding the triggers on these pistols. one thing i would like to add, you also don't need to go to a much lighter trigger pull weight either. i have had some trigger work done on pistols in the past, where they didn't decrease pull weight, but just smoothed up all the working surfaces. the difference was night and day! the actual pull weght wasn't less, but it felt like it was. just something to think about.
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    I thought about getting one of their 1911's. How do you guys like yours?

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    I use an Ed Brown match trigger "long" but my trigger "pull" is short
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    I believe it'll have the short trigger. I just bought the 4" GI model & it has the short trigger.
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    Haven't gotten to the trigger. I like the way it is. Feels just like my AR's 2-stage. I got a set of Trajicon night-sights. Those GI sights can be too hard to find. Will post pic soon.
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    I love mine, wouldnt trade it for the world. I can hit center mass at about 50 yards easy, grapefruit size groups.....they'd be tighter if i could afford to practice more...eek
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    I was just at the gun shop today with my mother in-law, she's looking to buy her first handgun. They had a few RI 1911s there but I didn't dare hold one cause I'd probably fall in love.

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