Would you guys carry at work if getting caught would get you fired?

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  1. Lindenwood

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    I work at a bank. It is not illegal to carry here, and it is not posted and there is no specific rule Im aware of that forbids it, but given the general banking attitude of "do whatever they ask and let them leave," it is obviously frowned upon. To be clear, I do NOT want to carry so I can start a gunfight at the first sign of trouble. 98% of robbers are out of the door with their bag of cash in under 45 seconds, and I know a vast majority of robbers don't want any conflict, so I don't intend to mess with that. Let me reiterate, I do NOT intend to try to be any kind of hero. It would only come out in the most dire situations in which the threat is clearly set to do us harm, and not just to get some money.

    The comfort of carrying comes from two and sometimes three areas:
    1) That slim chance that someone tries to drag us all in the vault and starts yelling about killing a hostage every minute if X demand is not met (I'm being very hypothetical). Basically, a situation where far more than insured money is at risk. In such a case, I'd have no problem popping one of them in the back of the head with a pocket pistol when he turned his back, if it mean't I didn't have to die on me knees.

    2) I like being armed not just while working, but before and after hours as well. If we are leaving after closing and someone walks us back inside with a gun to our heads, we'll be on our own for as long as they want (and these situations have the worst reputation for being particularly traumatic). Similarly to above, I like knowing I could, if given an opportunity, put an end to an inevitably violent situation. If it is two guys and they decide they might as well rape one of my female coworkers, I'll be looking for the first chance I can get to wiggle the weapon out (might get a pocket carry gun in the future, but otherwise it would have to come out from under / in between the buttons of my tucked dress short) and start making holes.

    3) If we go somewhere strait after work (dinner, for example), even if I have a weapon in my car I might not be dressed to carry it on my person like I otherwise would. One time for this girl's birthday she really wanted to go play bingo. The place we went turned out to be pretty hood (I guess not a huge surprise), and it was so comforting having a weapon on me, especially when walking out to the parking lot at like 23:00 after my coworker won $500, heh. If I hadn't carried to work, I wouldn't have had it on me.

    I know I don't have to explain why I carry to you guys, but I wanted to make it clear that I am not some trigger-happy simpleton. I wouldn't want to get in a gunfight at all, let alone with a pocket pistol, and especially not over money that is insured and in a way that would not only make the situation more dangerous for everyone, but would undoubtedly get me fired and possibly prosecuted. Again, the weapon would only be for the most desperate situations beyond "typical" robberies.

    Now, here is why it is a risk:
    Obviously, I made sure it doesn't print, but there is a small bulge in my belt there since I have a thin, wiry frame. Second, given I sometimes work in close proximity to others, there is always a chance someone will graze or bump into it. Regardless of whatever gets their attention, if they notice it enough to ask about it I am pretty much made. Most of them know I love me some guns, and most of them are actually more comfortable around me knowing I carry when we AREN'T at work, but there is a chance the wrong person will catch me or someone will overhear it being talked about, etc etc. Even pocket pistols I've tried will make enough of a bulge in my dress-pants pockets (even with a holster) that it might cause someone to ask why my pockets are all bulging so much. Again, if that happens and they don't immediately drop it, I'm made whether I deny it or not.

    So, what do you guys think? I am kinda leaning toward not carrying, as I do feel the risk of being made is greater than the risk of needing the weapon. On the one hand, if I am sitting there watching a coworker get raped or am in a life-threating situation staring at an opportunity to use the gun I don't have, I'd feel pretty crappy. On the other hand, getting caught would surely make a huge dent in my future success (not too many places would hire me knowing I was fired for carrying when it was pretty clear my employer wouldn't like it) .

    I have casually talked to my boss about it over the years. In casual conversation she has expressed concerns about the drastically increased dangers of me whipping out a gun at the first sign of trouble. On the other hand, I have explained to her that IF I were to carry, I would only use it in the most dire situations (like if someone is trying to rape her, I believe is one specific example I gave), and she did say she would indeed appreciate that, heh. I have also told her that if I ever was carrying it, she wouldn't know until I was using it on a threat (obviously, unless I was made at some point before then, heh). She simply nodded in an "ah, well I guess that makes sense and I guess there isn't anything I can do about it" way. Basically, I guess I'm trying to say that I'm positive if I directly asked for permission, none of my superiors would have enough faith in my mindset to allow it (thinking I'd try to go all cowboy and get half of us killed).

    I guess that is about enough explanation. Would you carry in my circumstance?
  2. hogrider

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    Unless you had 40 years in the banking industry and was about to retire, I wouldn't. You are obviously concerned about your future so I would not risk it.

  3. skullcrusher

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    Just a couple of thoughts.

    Have you seen the unemployment numbers?

    Potential next employer: "Why were you fired from your last position?"
    You: "For carrying a gun."
    PNE: "Thanks for coming. Next."
  4. Lindenwood

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    Sounds good :) . That is what I was thinking. The upshot is since I am about to give away my only handgun small enough for such levels of concealment, I won't have to drop the money to replace it, heh.

  5. JonM

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    got fired by pizza hut for not letting a scumbag steal my car. didnt shoot the guy he saw my gun and fled before i got it in play. never hurt my future employment. the goblin actually came back to the store and complained to the manager...

    my personal choice is, i will carry anytime i feel i need to regardless if ccw is legal or not.

    but it is a call you gotta make for yourself. taking this sort of advice from interweb folks is about the same range as taking legal advice from us.
  6. pmanton

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    I've been retired since 2000. The company I used to work for had a no guns policy. I rode a bike to work and I did carry. I never let anyone know I was armed.

    One night I was mugged by a car full of young punks who came alongside me and smashed a glass bottle over my head. (I was wearing a helmet) My pistol saved my butt.

    Salome, AZ
  7. danf_fl

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    I am not a lawyer (or ever wanted to be one).

    Follow the company's Policy and Procedures, and there is less of a chance to get fired.

    If a policy or procedure is not applicable to the situation, then try to correct it.

    Our customer (US Navy) does not allow for private firearms in the workplace, so no, I do not carry at work.
  8. Lindenwood

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    Yeah I am not necessarily basing my decisions solely off what I hear from the web. I am just bouncing my paths of reasoning around to see if they make sense to others (and if not, particularly why).

    But definitely some interesting conclusions. Still have a lot to think about I guess :) . I have been carrying there for several months but I'm always afraid something ridiculous is going to happen that will cause me to get made. I'm always afraid someone will brush against my chest and notice it / make a comment about it, or I'll trip and fall and it will become dislodged and when I stand up it will slide down my pants or be pointing out of my short or something. Just, generally silly things that are still quite plausible, heh.
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  9. Glasshartt

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    I'd get fired if I wasn't carrying.
  10. spittinfire

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    That is how every job should be so maybe people wouldn't require so many of you LEOs(not that we don't like you).

    IGETEVEN New Member

    I am intimate with my boss (wife), so she doen't mind if I carry at work. ;)
  12. Dillinger

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    My (parent) company has a strict "No Weapons" legal description in the Company Handbook. Our company has to abide by the "No Weapons" policy as we owned by the parent company.

    My boss is also one of the biggest hunters and shooters in the whole company.

    Carrying at work COULD lead me to losing my job if things ever went the wrong way.

    However there are times when we are pre-scouting a job that runs through the woods, or off a logging trail, in the middle of nowhere.

    The last time I was out with my boss looking at a line we saw bear tracks. He went to the truck and pulled his pistol out of his glovebox and looked at me like "Well??"

    I pulled mine from my normal, ordinary looking backpack and we both finished our adventure without incident.

    I think the question is not whether or if, it's who knows if you decide to do so.

    If no one knows, and a tree falls on Justin Bieber.... no, wait, that's not what I meant :eek:
  13. NGIB

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    It's simple really. Is the need for you to carry at work worth potentially losing your job - simple yes or no question. If you choose to carry, KEEP QUIET AND TELL NOBODY - EVER!

    The reason I emphasize this is I had an acquaintance in your situation and he mentioned to a friend at work that he carried. Later, he and the friend had an argument and the "friend" dropped a dime on him and he did lose his job...
  14. Yunus

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    Normally I would say no I wouldn't but there would be a few exceptions and JD's example is one of them. If you work out in the woods or other isolated areas with potential danger from people and animals, I would consider it at that point.

    My uncle works for a gas company and goes out surveying in the backwoods of WV. He said he carries to fit in :) and to be able to scare away animals. I would carry as well if I were in his shoes.
  15. orangello

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    When i worked at the tax commission, the revenue agents (had to collect frequently in the boonies) were expressly told NOT to carry at work. Almost every one of them had something in the dash or pocket. It was my understanding that if the noodle-kneed bosses ever got in a pinch over one of the revenue agents putting their pistol to use, nobody had any illusions about keeping their job. Of course, looking for a new job is pretty tough when you are dead in a bean field somewhere.

    What a little ***** of a snitch! I hope he got some stitches.
  16. Lindenwood

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    Oh yeah i definitely wouldnt tell anyone. Mostly just worried about being made by some random stroke of unluckiness.

    Yeah in any of your situations i think I definitely would. However i do not feel in as uch danger just being in the building as i would having to be out and about. I also still can and would keep a weapon my car. The main concern lies with keeping it directly on my person while on the clock and on the premises.
  17. buckhuntr

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    My employer has an explicit "No guns on the premises" policy. It extended to the company-owned parking lot until last year, when Oklahoma passed a law that an employer could not prohibit an employee from having a firearm in the employee's car even in the employer's parking lot. So my employer put a clause excepting their parking lots from that policy in the handbook, in the three states in which the company operates that have such laws on the books.
    My supervisor knows I recently obtained my CCW, and she has even mentioned that her husband has been thinking about getting his. But, I leave my carry gun in the locked glovebox while I'm in the building, as I have a good job and would like to keep it. There is security around, the lot is well lit (except one night in January when a stray cat got into a power substation and shorted out Downtown), and nobody picks a Subaru to break into anyway, not when there's plenty of Luxury cars and SUVs in the lot beside mine. ;)
  18. Lindenwood

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    I brought this up today in a casual conversation with a couple of my coworkers and my boss. I explained my reasoning, trying hard to drive home the point that I would never try to be a hero at the first sign of trouble. We have safety protocols when entering and leaving, but I explained what I explained above about if someone gets us in there with a gun and tries to rape one of the girls (my boss and one of the present coworkers is female), that at that point I would be starting to look for a tactical advantage to stop them. I also asked my boss if she thought I would get fired if I ever got caught carrying, and she actually just said she would rather not ever know.

    So, I did basically get thumbs up from all the parties after they understood that I am not out to play cowboy and would instead appreciate me having the ability to take action in such worst-case scenarios.

    Still, that all said, I am still pretty leary about it. I think what I'll do for now is just wait a while and see if I am comfortable with just leaving my firearm in the car while at work. I will still have my tactical flashlight and 4" folder that could still be used in a pinch if I have the element of surprise (which I would likely wait for anyways if I was only armed with a pocket pistol anyways). If I ultimately decide I just feel too vulnerable, I will pick up something to carry. If not, I'll be glad I saved the money on something I didn't really need in the first place.

    Thanks for the opinions, guys (and gal)!
  19. armoredman

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    I show up to work with my personal sidearm, which gets locked in a traffic control lockbox, then I get issued another sidearm. I have the Armory about 15 feet from my desk, with multiple AR15s, shotguns, gas guns, chemical agents, etc....
    Ya, I don't get fired for having a gun on this duty post.
    You can get another job, You can't get another you.
  20. WDB

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    Well expressed already you don't want to be fired for packing at work, it will be difficult to explain in future interviews. My employer doesn't have a no gun policy but I leave my CC in the car when at work.