Would you go back to School if you Qualified for a Grant ???...What For???...

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    I think I'd go back to school for Heating and Cooling...and try starting my own busn. maybe, building houses in the winter isn't no fun ...and it slows down alot....What would you go back to School for and why ???....
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    I'm here to tell ya HVAC is 1. feast or famine ( 2 -3 weeks a year when its brutal cold you'll work 18+ hour days, then sit on your thumbs for 3-4 months and 2-3 weeks a year when its brutal hot working 18+ hour days then sit on your thumbs 3-4 months) and 2. is DEAD AS HELL! my business went under '05 or '06 when the new housing market crashed. I wasnt the only one. Nor has the market rebounded. It takes money to repair or replace equipment and most folks can barely feed their family much less repair/replace heating and cooling. Folks are getting space heaters and making due.

    I am in school...or will be going back at in Jan. for Massage therapy....or something else in the health care field. Heres to hoping Osama care is killed dead by the SCOTUS or there wont be any jobs left in that field either.
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    I went back to school in '98 for heating and refrigeration without a grant. Looking for a job an older guy could do. Discovered I don't care for being called out at 2 am for a $150/hr service call for which I get $30. Am now working as a plumber.
    Heating and cooling can be good, but it can be darn skinny at times. If you really want a steady, recession-proof business forget the school, spend the money on a septic pumper truck and a drain cleaning machine. Not the pleasantest of occupations, but when that backs up people WILL find the bucks to get it fixed.

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    I would love to go to school... I would like to take some Blacksmithing classes then work my way to being a Bladesmith or Gunsmith.. (Im kinda undecided, But want to do something with metal.. It feels like its in my blood.:))

    I would really like to be a bladesmith, but gunsmith would be more useful to me...
    I always have the hardest times finding a gunsmith that will work on my guns, seems unless you have a AR or 1911 your just SOL... (Sometimes I feel like my guns have leprosy or something... :confused: ) If it wasnt for some inspirational words from CA357, my Winchester would probably still just be a pile of parts...

    What I dont understand is why gunsmiths always complain that they dont make any money.... Every one ive been to is a year or more in work, and they arnt cheap...

    Nobody would take their car to a mechanic that charged those kinda prices and took that long... :rolleyes: