Would there be any interest in these?

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by aandabooks, Apr 10, 2011.

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    These are a quick one off and aren't sized the way a finished product would be. Just a couple pieces of 6061 cutoffs I had laying around. They are both 1.001" diameter and have a 45 degree taper on the ends. The taper can be done to whatever degree a custormer would want.


    When I started looking for a set of scope ring allignment tools, my first thought was, "I could make my own." Being cheap I did. They are purposely cut .001 bigger than 1.000" so they will fit in any set of rings well. They are solid 6061 aluminum. I think I could probably sell them around $12-15 including parcel post shipping. They would not include a set of rings.

    What do you all think? They are pretty handy to quickly check that the scope rings are level and inline with each other. I always hate putting on a scope and hoping for the best. With these I can atleast eliminate one possible problem before I start throwing lead down range.
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    ive got a set for older weaver style rings that you center them at the base. for typical picatiny they arent needed since there is no way to adjust the rings.