would like to modify my beretta 92fs

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    Hi i just got a 92fs and as much as i would like to think i got the gun for self defense and i know i dont got the heart to actually shoot somebody. I would like to modify my gun and just be a good shooter,and i would like to get a compressor for it, and i was hoping that someone reads my post and be able to help me with this, and couple other things.

    at first wanted the M9 series but is hard to get it and only reason i like it is because te 2 dot aim and ive seen people that have convert theirs from a 3 dot to a 2 dot. where or how could i do this???

    i would like to add a laser pointer one thats mounted on the grip is that something i can just buy off the Internet and install my self and adjust or should i have some one do it for me????

    I like that my gun feels heavy but what could i do to drop the recoil in it??? what kind of modification can i do so it doesnt recoil as much and i could still shot accurate 50 yards??? or am I asking to much out of my gun???

    Please be honest i dont mind the smart *** coments as long they are helpful.
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    Well, I am intimately familiar with the Beretta 92F, as it was my first handgun purchase WAY back in the day.

    The first thing I would recommend is a drop in "P" shaped trigger kit. It will cut down the amount of trigger pull, and the amount of over travel, which will make your groups tighten up and make it easier to get back on target.

    As for a laser - I would recommend vehemently against it. You see, lasers point two ways, towards your target and right back towards you. Once you light that thing up, it will tell your "target" exactly where you are, what angle you are shooting from and your distance.

    If you must have a laser, I would recommend a Crimson Trace set of grips. They are direct replacements for your stock grips and will serve you well once you learn how to use them.

    Sights are a personal option. I prefer the three dot tritium on the Beretta. I always liked that option, but again, it's a personal opinion as to what YOU like. Nobody here is going to know what is good for you as well as you are!

    For the "compressor" I am still not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean a compensator, to keep recoil down and reduce muzzle flip?


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    Hello, I've been looking where to get this "P" shaped trigger kit and can't seem to find it. Could you please give me a link or phone # for who sells it.

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    There is also a screw on barrel shim that has to be Gunsmith instaled. this tightens up the barrel at the muzzel and can be adjusted.
    This is a barrel and barrel bushing kit made by jarvis gunsmithing INC.
    You have to ream the slide and install the barrel and bushing.
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    A self defense firearm really should not be modified. You should take the money you are thinking of spending on unneeded accessories and instead spend the money on a firearms skills training class, some self defense related books, and on ammunition for practice at the range.

    Once you have gained some technical knowledge, basic practical shooting techniques, and gun handling skills with your new firearm, you can then decide if any modifications are needed.
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    Great thing about the internet is...lots of information. This is what popped up and I was hoping someone knowledgeable enough to know where to find this "P" shaped trigger kit that I'm looking for would help.

    Do you know where to get it? If not...why comment?

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide in finding this trigger kit...Hope it works?
    My hands and fingers are quite large/long and I was just trying to modify my gun to make it feel a little better.