Worst range trip ever

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by pumpkinball, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. pumpkinball

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    Just went up to the range yesterday for a little bit of plinking. Had some 22s and a couple of 20g singles. Cheap and fun trip... well except the fact that the RG that I just picked up a couple of weeks ago. Undoubtidly the worst handgun I've ever shot. Functional... Yes! Reliable... I would say yes! Accurate... That word didn't exist during the manufacturing of this lil' revolver. I test fired in a down range direction about 5 loads, so 30 rounds. This was just to watch and feel the weapon, mostly to ensure safety. Everything went well so I put up a target and started at 7yds. I generally never get this close. But in this case I'm definately glad I did. 8" target at 7yds. and I missed 6 consecutive shots. Reloaded and moved to 5yds. I noticed then how high it was shooting. I moved to 8 feet away. Never practiced this close before. At only 8 feet, on an 8 inch target, I hit 4/6. I have to shoot at the very bottom about two inches to the right to hit bullseye at that short of a distance. This thing isn't even fun for plinking. Gotta say, I do believe that I'll be trading it off.

    Has anyone else ever wound up with one this bad before? Tell me your experience!
  2. M14sRock

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    RG? Seriously? With all seriousness, did you expect better than that?

  3. gorknoids

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    I fired the first 70 shots through an early-1960's Iver Johnson .32 S&W, and at no point in the spectrum of the sights is it remotely on target. At 21', I would have to aim at your crotch to hit you in the sternum, and that's with the whole blade showing above the rear sights. I can make a tight group, but it has no relevance to the sight picture. It is my "5-shot 6-Shooter". You shoot it 5 times, and then throw it at the BG for the 6th shot.
  4. danf_fl

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    I had one RG come through my shop. Red tagged it and told the owner never to shoot it.
  5. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    You sound surprised that THE saturday night special, pot metal gun, that cost 15-$20 new, isnt a target gun. THey were intended for one purpose, to shoot people with. Not bullseyes.

    Having said that, I just flipped one in 32 long. Made $75 on the deal. It shot as good as any other snubbie at that distance. Minute of bad-guy is all it takes.
  6. NGIB

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    I was under the impression that RG stood for "rotten gun". Yours didn't blow up and did hit the target sometimes - about the best you can hope for...
  7. Overkill0084

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    Forgive my ignorance, RG? Not familiar with that.
    (Though, it sounds as like I'm not missing anything.)
  8. SecPro

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    :confused: +1
  9. c3shooter

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    RG stands for Rohm GmbH. They were a German maker of machine tools that started making blank guns after the war, and made some of the poorest quality disposable firearms ever to be called firearms. Frames of zinc alloy (pot metal) pot metal barrels with a steel liner, famous for disassembling themselves. Inaccurate, unreliable, EXACTLY what I would like my opponent to be holding. Importation of most was blocked after the 1968 GCA. They DO make good fishing sinkers when deep sea fishing- usually will last a couple of days before dissolving.
  10. WDB

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    As a much younger man I bought a RG snub nose 38 spl new, I had it for two weeks and traded it for a Raven arms .25 that I kept for almost as long, traded it for a Rugger .22single six, still have that pistol. Sometine stupid trips into lucky. I've learned a lot about firearms since those days.

    Best advice is take your time and educate yourself before you buy. It's much easier these days.
  11. Viking

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    It pays to own one really POS gun early in your gun owning days. Now I will always buy the best I can afford even if I have to wait saving the money up to get it. Probably the worst buyers remorse I ever had was buying a RG 44 mag DA, unbelievable poor quality even with my beginners understanding of weapons.
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  12. Clem

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    Perhaps now is the time to consider moving up to a better .22 revo. I have S&W J frame and K frame .22s that are really nice.
  13. pumpkinball

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    I do agree, I have looked into a taurus. No, it aint a s&w but it's not a RG!!!