WOOHOO - Rifle day

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by partdeux, Aug 11, 2012.

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    With a S&W .500 thrown in for good measure ;)

    Co-worker of a friend heard I wanted an AR and was destined to get me to buy a PTR91

    He brought out
    • M1
    • AK47
    • PTR91

    I brought my wife's new 10/22 and her 22 target pistol. I had intended to send some rounds through my 9mm carry, but the range has some rather strict safety protocols requiring me to unload and case it in the parking lot. Also brought my father in laws 32WS.

    Speaking of safety, I was very impressed, and hadn't done much shooting after the incident at the club range. Wife stayed in the clubhouse (sinus headache) at the public range and mentioned how impressed she was with the safety protocols... they asked why and they knew immediately where we had been members, LOL

    That 10/22 is going to be a BLAST. Bolt release is hanging up a bit, think that might be the first mod.

    M1 was fun
    AK not so much, it had several issues with chambering, etc. Didn't enjoy it as much as I expected.
    PTR is a GREAT rifle, although it also had some issues. I couldn't believe it's accuracy. I was watching him slowly enlarge one hole. But, it will be awhile before I might consider one.
    .32WS what a blast that was to shoot. I have to figure out why the rear sight kept banging into my thumb.
    .500 was a blast, that thing really goes bang

    This hobby/sport just got exponentially more expensive, LOL
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    Sounds like a great time. If you don't mind me asking what happened at the other range?

  3. partdeux

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    A highly experienced shooter mishandled his firearm (22) and had a ND right in front of my wife and I, with the muzzle loosely pointed in our direction. Possible contributing factor, a sticky yellow liquid that came out of the medicine bottle he punched a hole into, before the bullet entered his leg. What medications was he taking?

    I dared to discuss the incident and question safety protocols, and was literally run out of the club. Interesting side story, they did appoint a safety officer for future matches. The new safety officer (not RO), was standing there talking to Mr. Shooter immediately before the incident happened. So much for his powers of observation.

    The contrast between this very loose club, which apparently has an incredibly poor safety reputation and the facility I shot the rifles at is dramatic. I saw some less then desirable stuff going on, kinda freaked out when an early teen boy had a pistol pointed directly at me as he was casing the weapon and released the slide with the magazine in it, while dad was chit chatting elsewhere in the room. I'm a slow learner sometimes!