Wondering what I can do about my new ruger precision 308.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Kbrown40, Oct 30, 2017.

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    I bought a new ruger 308 precision up at the local gun store pretty much because it was the best looking thing on the rack but now I realize I will never shoot 1000 yards I have my ar 10 for range shooting because I live in Florida there is no ranges over 100 yards so not I'm kinda stuck with a 1350 dollar rifle I don't need would much rather trade for a desert eagle 50 ae or another simi auto rifle but I know nothing about trading guns or if it's legal I would want it done right and both meet at a gun shop and transfer them can I get any info on this topic?
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    welcome to the forum from here in East Texas.

    glad to have you aboard.

    need to check the state gun laws in Florida. some states allow private sales and trades without going through an FFL dealer for a transfer. i have no idea about Florida's laws.

    you might as well check and see if there are any local gun trading sites in your area, and advertise it there to see if anyone is interested in trading or buying. Facebook is good place to look for those sometimes.

    you could also ask around at your local gun stores to see if they do consignment sales for customers. for a small fee they deal with the customer and do all the paperwork for you. and besides, most people going into a gun store are usually looking for guns!