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    We had our local FNRA dinner last night. Over 20 guns were auctioned, raffled or gamed out. I won an LCP on one of the raffles. One of several LCP's that were donated by dealers. There were a lot of very nice guns. 2 Ruger 1911's went out along with several SR40's, a couple of SR9's and a Scout with Weaver EER scope. A couple of Weatherby's, Savage Rifles and a bunch of Crickets for some happy kids. One Ruger 1911 was donated by a local dealer. The womens table had a Charter Arms Chic Lady that was donated by Charter Arms. The Mens table had a Rossi Ranch Hand in 357. Lots more. If there is an FNRA dinner in your area, go. All the money raised goes to shooting sports. Half to the NRA and half to state programs. The local kids shotgun team has had several grants and ammo. The local range has seen $40k in improvement money. There is a heavy emphasis on kids programs not to sell Women on Target events short. The local FNRA committees raise the money for these programs and need your support.
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    Awesome!! Good for you dude! I always thought those FNRA dinners were just a shake down for cash. Glad to see some cool stuff being given away!

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    Congrats on the win. The LCP makes for a very easy to carry piece.
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    Last year my wife won a S&W M&P 15-22 and a friend won a Ruger 10-22. A kid I talked into going spent $60 and went home with a DPMS AR10. Our dinner is $50 and we dont make any money on the food. Prime Rib and Chicken Cordon Bleu. The prices vary according to the area and venue. I have seen some dinners at $30. Ours is probably on the upper end. The one held in Las Vegas has casino support and is fantastic.
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    Lucky you. Nice little gun, too.
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    Give and a get -- congratulations!