Women's Shooting Team 2

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    Women’s Shooting Team #2

    As mentioned in the first episode of the team the ladies were really having fun. Between the antics of "My Crazy Shirley" and a couple of her co-workers we were kept in stitches most of the time. Shirley’s boss was helping me as an assistant. Bob was a very serious competitor and did not seem to have a humorous bone in his body. Everything Bob did was centered on success and he always worked toward perfection. Humor was not a part of his drive for success. Which, of course, made him a perfect victim for Shirley. So here was Bob trying to explain to the women that the position that they assumed when standing and holding a firearm would either help them hit the target or hinder them. He would demonstrate a comfortable balanced standing position and then have the girls try to assume it. I could have told him that women are built different than men and could not assume the same posture but he obviously had never worked with female shooters before. After a couple of days of frustration at the women’s scores that were related to the wrong shooting stance he stopped the practice and gathered the women around him. Again demonstrating the proper position he had the girls try it. They just couldn’t get the idea. I tried to explain to him that all their life girls are cautioned by their mothers to keep their legs together and he was not going to break that habit. So he decided to change tack. He got the girls together again and told them to just assume a natural and comfortable position. He kept emphasizing the words “Natural” “Comfortable”. Finally Crazy Shirley turned around and looked Bob right in the eye and said, “Bob, you want me to lay down, don’t you?”
    Bob just turned beet red if anything even sort of purple. I raced down to that end of the firing line. Fearing that he was having a heart attack, I told him to take a break and go to his car and relax. I guess I shouldn’t have added “and assume a natural and comfortable position.” I miss the guy too.
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    Sir; lolol; that didn't go where I ?thought it would:)