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    Women on Target: Preparing women to defend Liberty

    Women on Target: Preparing Women to defend Liberty
    The United Kingdom and Australia instituted gun bans in 1997. Between 1995 and 2006, women in the United Kingdom suffered a 76.5% increase in rape; by 2007 Australian women experienced a 29.9% increase. Meanwhile, rape decreased 19.1% in America.*
    Today, women are raped twice as often in the UK as America, and Australian women are raped three times as often. This is damning evidence that gun control may place women at greater risk. American women are hearing this message, and more and more are arming themselves every day, not only to protect themselves and their families from harm, but to ensure our government doesn’t enact laws which disenfranchise women.
    In support of this effort, the National Rifle Association developed the Women on Target (WOT) program to introduce women to shooting sports in a safe and fun manner. Yesterday, 61 women participated in WOT at the American Shooting Center in Houston, Texas, hosted by the Houston Daughters of Liberty.

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    Good post there. Maybe if Madam Pelosi knew this....

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    Don't worry Comrade, I'm sure the Minister of Peace is working with the Minister of Love on a way to ensure rapes never happen.
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    You are right on my friend! Comrade Pelosi will protect us all.

    Thanks for the post, that's good information and all the more reason for us to fight this political machine that is trying to take charge of our right and way of life.
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    Absolutely thought this was gonna be pictures of hot chicks who work at target.
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    i thought it was going to be like that people of walmart website :/

    but as to the post: yeah there is a direct correlation between gun control and crime. the fewer guns there are the more crime goes up. australia still has a lot of guns and as that number decreases their crime will go up over time. gun control has been in effect in britain since WW2. it takes a generation or two of thugs growing up in a no-gun culture to realize the heaven they are in.

    if you want to see what true gun control does to a nation look at africa. only dictators can get guns there. people live on sufference of death to even posses a single round of ammunition.

    washington DC chicago new york LA are all prime examples of what gun control does to crime.