Woman shooting skunk redux

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    Adding to downsouths post of woman shooting at a skunk, at work today a coworker gave me this one-

    About two weeks after installing new sheetgoods (that's flooring for the uninitiated) in the kitchen, he was outside having a drink and a cigarette when he heard the wife scream "snake". He casually gets a .22 with shotshells "just in case". He looks around and finds a tiny black tail sticking out from under a cabinet. Thinking he's found a six incher that frightened the wife, he tugged on it. Suddenly, it zips in, then a six foot snake comes barreling out from under the cabinet right at him. Of course he starts rapidly backpeddling letting off shots at the snake. He eventually hit it. Turned out to be a harmless corn snake.
    Then he had to explain the five holes in the new floor. :D