woman shooter ,first time out , suggestions for what I have

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by purehavoc, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. purehavoc

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    Im in the process of getting my wife trained to shoot a weapon and in our 10 yrs of marriage she has never once asked or even wanted to pull the trigger on any weapon when asked until about 2 weeks ago after taking some hand to hand classes as she just took a new teacher job and has to deal with kids from age 4 to 17 every day , This was a requirement for the job . So this was quite the surprise for me that she has asked me to teach her to shoot a gun , She has her FOID card that I made her get 3 yrs ago uncase anything ever happens to me then she can legally do what she needs with my guns .
    I can handle her wants in the rifle shotgun range because I have everything from .22-30.06 and 410 and 12 ga. however the only pistols I have are a .40 and 9mm . The 9mm is a LC9 so its really small and has alot of recoil because its so short , I dont want to scare her with the first pull of the trigger and honestly I think my .40 has less recoil than the 9mm . I dont have any buddies that can help me out with a .22 pistol either most of them are in the same situation as what I already have .
    Any suggestions? I really cannot afford to go and buy a .22 cal handgun right now either
  2. JD1969

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    Start her on the .22 rifle and then go to a range that has rental guns and rent her a .22 pistol.

  3. JTJ

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    Very good advice JD.
  4. spittinfire

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    I second the 22 rifle. For the pistol, I taught my wife on a 6" S&W 19 shooting 38s. Recoil is mild and she was able to control the weapon well while being able to hit her target. If you wife isn't having fun/being successful, she will lose interest fast.
  5. fmj

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    Safety basics, parts of the gun, how to load, unload, check chambers etc.

    Go slow and have fun. DO NOT throw her on heavy stuff until SHES ready.

    If you do it right shes gonna put you to shame in a 6 months to a year...guard your pride!
  6. therewolf

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    I agree with all the posters above.

    Start with the 22LR rifle.

    Rent a 22LR pistol if you have to.

    Safety and basics with these, then rent up

    in caliber as she feels ready.

    Personally, I'd hold off on the 30.06 and 12 gauge, until she's a

    lot more experienced, but if she wants to try the 410, be sure

    to advise her about the recoil.
  7. GUNBOSS1031

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    Ya that 410 grain shotgun pistol is good i like the tarus judge the best thing to have is a revolver shotgun because its small and does damge its good for protection if u get car jacked because u can pull it out without really aiming

    Look at that newer keltec shotgun its a great bullpup design so less muzzle rise and it has a bottom and upper rail one for sight and the other for grip and i would use a laser

    Keltec makes a 30 round 22magnum pistol
    I havent done much reaserch but 22 is kinda weak but with 30 rounds u shouldnt have to worry about dropin the enemy
  8. winds-of-change

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    I am female and fairly new to the hobby of target shooting.

    I prefer handguns to rifles simply because I have yet to find a rifle that 'fits' me. I'm short and most rifle stocks are too long for me to shoot a rifle comfortably or accurately.

    What I always appreciate when out shooting with someone who may have a gun I'd like to shoot is I ask them to shoot it first so I can see what the recoil looks like and the sound, etc. That way when I shoot it I am not unpleasantly surprised.
  9. purehavoc

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    Thank you very much, its put in a different perspective from a woman and I'm glad u replied . My intention is to let her shoot and .22 rifle first then to the .410 but of which are pretty small then to the 12 ga. My wife is 5'10 so fitting isn't going to be to bad. Were rural so renting a gun locally isn't going to be easy and the closest range is about 30 miles which isn't a big deal . No intentions of the 30.06 but if she wanted to get to that point I would gladly let her . Safety is first were already working on that . Proper loading , unloading, reloading the mag. Safety if it has one and how to chamber the load and how to unchamber a round if unloading . She knows this and I stressed it a lot remember its a loaded weapon treat it the same even if its unloaded and a safety can fail so keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to fire the round . I do the same thing with both my kids . Forgot about cleaning it so that's another one to work on
    Thanks everyone for your advise I appreciate it greatly .
  10. JD1969

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    Since your out on the country, I figure you have some land to set up targets and such (or access to an area). Set up some cans, old milk jugs etc, paper is fun for us to shoot, but for a newbie it can get boring. The instant feedback of can is a lot of fun for a new shooter.
  11. Gojubrian

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    I started my wife on a browning buckmark. She liked shooting it a lot. I started her on a 9mm tiny taurus too soon and was turned off and scared because of the recoil. Since the recoil scared her she would flinch and make it jam.

    After a few different ones shi now has a brand new sig mosquito .22. She will shoot my 9mm and .40, but only if she has too in a situation. She prefers just to stick to .22 at the range though.
  12. purehavoc

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    Good point , we have some targets set up at a friends place just 5 mins away from my house with a 20 ft long 8ft tall embankment that he made to keep stray bullets from happening . Cans may be a bit of fun for her also , we also have some 1/4" corrugated plastic body type targets we use . Getting the .22 pistol is the problem , I think my dad may have a .25 that may work good for what were trying to get accomplished