Woman kills home invader... 911 call

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  1. SeanCucf

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    Saw this last night on the news. It was 12:30am, husband works the night shift. She said she was armed and had called the cops. He persisted. He has since assumed room temperature. Poor woman probably won't sleep for weeks.

    Video - FOXNews.com
  2. dog2000tj

    dog2000tj New Member

    I heard about this this evening. Funny thing is it was my mom that told me about it, and she actually was supportive of the woman's actions. Normally mom is very anti gun. :eek:

    Good for her, I'm glad she's still around the the db is gone from here. ;)

  3. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    The 911 operator sounded like a SWAT TL giving the woman the green light!

    911 OPERATOR: "County 13 is advising that you can defend your property if you need to."
  4. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    Heard this on the news today. They had about 30 years worth of mug shots for the sumbitch. She did exactly what she should have, and the operator did a great job of helping her survive the attack.
    The only downside of this is that the intended victim has to sort things out in the aftermath. I'm just pleased that she has the chance.
  5. VitSports6

    VitSports6 New Member

    The dirt bag got what was coming to him.
  6. ta1588

    ta1588 New Member

    this is what we should be hearing more of the intruder killed at the scene. not woman raped and killed in her own home and found by her husband hours later. Teach your ladies how to use em!
  7. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    I caught this as well. Given as this whole thing seemed to pan out exactly as a worst case scenario should ideally be handled, I found it odd, and at the same time comforting, that they gave her the go.

    That, and the phrase "graveyard dead."
  8. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Good for her! One less Dirt Bag to clutter the prison system.

    I'm so tired of those "Brinks" home security adverts where the mother and daughter walk in on a home invasion robery!!

    I've always thought the child would be less traumatized if Mom pulled a 1911 out of her purse and blew the DB away!
  9. mpd8488

    mpd8488 New Member

    Good for her!

    How was she so calm and not yelling about what was taking so long for the cops to get there? The last time I called 911 was after an assault that I helped stop and the situation was pretty much diffused, but I was still *****ing at the operator asking where the cops were even though they got there in about 90 seconds.
  10. Gojubrian

    Gojubrian New Member

    The guy left her no choice but the one she made. Glad she's ok, but sorry for what she has to live with now.
  11. TXnorton

    TXnorton New Member

    I was impressed with the 911 operator. She was calm and very supportive of the caller (break-in victim). The 911 operator seemed to know how to help the lady through the tough decision that lay in front of her. This was a much better 911 operator response than Joe Horn got in Houston a while back!

    Kudos to the 911 operator, and best wishes to the shooter, she will likely pay an emotional price for what she had to do.
  12. ARnoob

    ARnoob New Member

    My wife and I watched this last night on Fox News and then asked me to show her how to use my XD45 pistol. She said that she'd been thinking about that scenario even before the call was aired. I took her to the range for the first time last Valentine's Day. She was pretty good, but needs some practice.

    The really scary part is that home invasion take place more and more often during the day. That's nuts! :eek:
  13. ARnoob

    ARnoob New Member

    I'm not giving legal advice here, but simply relating what my barber told me. He just finished his concealed carry course and said that the instructor told him that in a scenario like this (shooting and immobilizing and/or killing the intruder), the best thing to do is as follows:

    * Call the police and do not hang up until they arrive
    * Tell the officer that you shot the intruder and.....NOTHING MORE
    * Tell the officer that you respect him or her, and their position/authority but that you must speak with your attorney before answering any questions.

    I found this pretty interesting.
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  14. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    I'm glad she was able to do what she did. The man left her no other choice.
  15. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member Supporter

    The Lincoln county District Attorney gave the lady a pass on the 8th of December, four days after she killed the scumbag. In OK the DA does not have to take a righteous shoot to
    the grand jury.

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  16. Lowrider

    Lowrider New Member

    I'm not one to promote suits in this day and age, but I literally think she should sue his estate for pain and suffering. She has suffered and will continue to suffer. The guy probably doesn't have much, but in my book, she can have it all.
  17. RugerShootinGal

    RugerShootinGal New Member

    Yeah I think she deserves everything too from that man. She does need to sue!! That had to be a very hard thing to go through I think she did the right thing and she waited till he came in.She will suffer with that for the rest of her life :(
  18. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    Saw the story on FOX the other night. I thought it was great that the victim stayed so cool under that kind of pressure, and I agree that the 911 operator did very well.

    Never crossed my mind to sue, though. Doubt that the intruder had a pot to piss in.
  19. chopkick

    chopkick New Member

    What an emotional and powerful tape.
  20. bigbad-ratman

    bigbad-ratman New Member

    being in the military i see alot of different laws as well as interpretations. i cant pull them up for you at this point, but defensive shootings were being persicuted based on the emotional state of the intended victim. if they were calm and cool and made the choice to defend themselves (or property, family whatever) they were going to be arrested for murder. the reasoning being that a person who was calm and under control was not in a position of danger. they basically told us guys in the service, if we ever fired defensively we were going to be arrested and we were going to prison. we had training and were able to respond to situations like this before it escalated into a defensive firing situation. so coming from that i am glad to see it work out for this woman.

    p.s. didnt specify that i was warned of this in washington state.
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