Wolff Gun Springs - Poor Customer Service

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by KMO, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. KMO

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    I ordered some replacement magazine springs for my 1911 directly from Wolff. They are apparently pretty busy, so I checked up on my order with a simple email inquiry. Some belligerent puke in their customer service department answered me back with a snotty email telling me not to bother them unless my order fails to arrive in another 3 weeks. This is after telling me it has shipped. Anyone else had this experience with Wolff? I’m looking for a new gun spring maker…
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    Wolff used to be really good. But of late their customer service has been lacking and they have been SLOW filling orders. My last two orders from them were a mess. Not only did they take a month to arrive, but in both cases, the springs that were in the package were not right. I ordered a replacement spring for one of my guns, and although the package had the correct spring labelled on it, the spring inside wasn't even close. It was over an inch too long and obviously heavier than the spring it was supposed to replace. I too look elsewhere for gun springs now.


    HOSSFLY New Member

    Never saw the attraction to Wolf springs anyways-
    Never experienced a difference between them & a few other "cheeper" brands -
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    If i received an email like that, i would be sending another email stating some not no nice things. To bad that they have already shipped, i would tell them to shove the springs where the sun dont shine
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    Asked them a question by email a couple of months ago & never got a reply. If I just absolutely have to have something they make, I'll buy it from Midway USA or anywhere but there.
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    This is good info,just another addition to my list of "never to buy from"
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    Wolff gun springs-poor customer service

    That hasn't been my experience. I've always had orders received within 5 working days and if I had a question it was usually answered with 24 hours. You might have got the one malcontent that works for the company or I've been very lucky.
  8. BikerRN

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    Your expirience mirrors mine.
  9. Dennis845

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    Yep! Happened to me recently also. After a few weeks I emailed them and was told to wait a couple more weeks. After 5 weeks they told me about the postal service problems, etc. etc. and not their fault. Finally got my order two months after ordering. Not a happy camper with them...
  10. robocop10mm

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    Try Sprinco. Owner, Alan Dugger, is a friend of mine. Good stuff. Tell him the Hutch sent you.
  11. pagj17

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    Rockin'. I'll be needing a new recoil spring soon.
    Good info op, thanks.
  12. canebrake

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    For mag springs go with Tripp Research.

    You can buy upgrade kits online but to get the best customer service in the gun industry, call Tripp and ask for Aaron. He is Virgil Tripp's son and will get the correct parts to upgrade your mags!

    Tripp Research, Inc.

    Call (877)837-9445 and if Shari answers you won't need to talk to Aaron, she is every-bit as knowledgeable and can get the repair parts on the way to you.

    I recommend you get the complete upgrade kit. It includes the Tripp hybrid follower and a proprietary spring that is far superior to the music wire springs used in most of today’s 1911 mags.

    Talk to this company, have them explain why their product is so much better than any competition. When you call ask to talk to Virgil Tripp. He will be glad to discuss any technical questions you may have. Try that with Bill Wilson or Chip McCormick.

    Read about Virgil Tripp’s background. He has a storied history and is indisputably qualified to bring a brilliantly designed product to market.

    When you call don't forget to tell them you read about their product on the FirearmsTalk.com forum and recommend they become a vendor here!

    If you are looking for 1911 recoil springs, there is no better than ISMI springs.

    If you are going to re-spring, I would highly recomend you take a look at the ISMI recoil springs. I like them for the same reason I like Tripp Research Cobra Mags, its all the company makes and when your entire R&D budget is focused on one item you tend to produce a quality product.

    Go here and read:

    ISMI Gunsprings, Made in the U.S.A.

    ISMI springs that incorporate current technology and are competivitly priced with the 'same 'ol" music wire springs from 1890s! And they come with a one year warranty!

    "12 Month Replacement Warranty extends beyond just materials and workmanship. We even cover failure due to wear. Failure due to wear is not some arbitrary figure: if your ISMI 1911 Recoil Spring loses more than 0.375” of free length in 12 months it will be replaced at NO CHARGE (no shipping charge when sent by US Mail) regardless of the number of rounds fired."

    Any other spring sellers offering a warranty regardless of the number of shots fired?

    What I do is change out my spring every year and ship it back to ISMI. If its bad, they send me a new spring. If its good, I have proof that my purchase was worth the effort.

    If you still need encouragement after reading the above, call Marc Cosat (800)773-1940 and ask him why you should buy his springs. Tell him you heard about ISMI here on the FTF, and canebrake said hi.

    All my 1911s run ISMI springs and Tripp Research Gen II Cobra Mags.