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    hey yall i am totally confused about what is going on at the wolf company,any KNOWN info would be helpful.2 yrs ago i bought wolf 7.62x39 in a brown box it said milspec it was laquer coated hp,with red sealer on the case mouth it was awesome 2 inch groups at 100yds open sights,my stock was depleted so i went to purchase more but they only had polymer coated in a black box my groups instantly opened to 3inches yuck ,so i went back and got milspec got it home and open the box and its poly coated with no sealer at the neck it looks just like the black box crud so can i expect the same performance as black box someone told me milspec is from a tula plant and blackbox isnt so i googled tula and wolf says its all at the same plant:confused: any clrification would be nice