Wisconsin Sherriff urges citizens to arm themselves

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    Piers Morgan is an assenine fool who needs to be deported! Last I checked he is not an American citizen. He should not get to even comment on OUR Bill of Rights. I love how he would let the Mayor (who supports his agenda) go on and on. Yet, the Sheriff (who doesn't support piers Morgan's agenda) is getting interrupted, cut off, and having his words twisted. Let the man speak!! A debate is meant to go both ways Piers!! Point, counter point, rebuttal! Not point, I'm sorry were you counter pointing? Here's my other point and another point and OMG you're starting to make sense quick go to commercial!! Please come to my house so we can talk about gun control! I seem to remember another British man who tried to force a socialist regime on the American people. His name was George.....