Winter Storm To Target East Coast Next Week (24 Mar 2014)

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    Old Man Winter does not like the East Coast, I wonder why? :rolleyes:

    Winter isn`t quite ready to give up the ghost quite yet along the Eastern Seaboard, as a major coastal storm is poised to invade the area next week. Although quite strong, its impacts will vary depending on location.

    The pieces needed for the storm are just starting to come together this weekend. The first piece is a cold front marching southward through the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley and will continue to advance southward on Sunday toward the southern Plains and Southeast. In the wake of this front, Arctic air will spill southward, dropping temperatures by 15 to 25 degrees and putting highs by Monday at levels more typical of late January than late March.
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    Great. Glad my supplies are still geared for winter. I live in new England and know not to give up on winter until mid April at the earliest. Bumming...

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