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With Conservation departments being pressured into considering the needs of multi users and not just hunters are you sure the season extends to when you and your friends are thinking about ?

While I have no experience hunting in the Rocky's from what I have seen in animal documentaries and been told from friends who have hunted them all of the big game animals migrate down the mountains as winter progresses , if you're hunting at the wrong elevation no matter what time of year you're pretty much wasting your time .

I've hunted in deep snow "12 inches +" and your mobility will be greatly limited on foot .

You must make sure you're all in good enough physical condition for this type of hunting "Think Cardiac Condition" or someone could easily die overexerting themselves walking in snow .

You must be willing to invest in emergency equipment and the correct clothing which wont be cheap to do it right .

You must dress in layers so you can remove the heaviest when walking or dragging an animal with Polypropylene under ware that will easily run you $50+ for a good set of long Johns and T-Shirt . You'll need a solid water repellent set of outerwear Bibs and a Coat are far better than just one pair of coveralls , and an excellent pair of waterproof insulated boots .

You should carry extra gear to help on a hunt such as a long rope to help retrieve game that managed to run down a steep hill or into a ditch before dying because simply climbing down isn't going to be easy or safe in snow .

Don't forget emergency fire starting and shelter and be prepared to get stuck out overnight if need be . It would be better to stay put in a raging snowstorm at night than wander around not being able to see where you're going .

One of the best stratagies here in Missouri for Deer is to hunt near thickets of evergreens with an approaching storm as deer will seek out heavy cover to stay in in a bad snow storm .
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